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Itís Always Something

As some of you know, Iím a Deputy Sheriff for Kern County. One of our regular duties is to provide police services for the fair in Ridgecrest twice a year. Itís a nice little fair, but since itís not a big fair in a major metropolitan area, the entertainment is usually not, how should I say this, A-level, often local groups with little exposure and limited reputation, and usually not my cup of tea anyway.

This time, however, the new manager seems to have cast a wider net and booked Chris Hillman and Herb Pederson. Will wonders never cease ?!

Now, as a rule, the deputies are free to patrol the fairgrounds in a random fashion, roaming through the display buildings, the carnival area, the vendors section and the grandstand, at will. The notable exception is a one-hour stint at the entry gate which is scheduled at the opening each day. So Friday I made sure that my gate duty was scheduled for later in the evening so that I could catch the Hillman-Pederson show.

Ah, but the best-laid plansÖ.

About ten minutes into the show, headquarters called and asked me to relieve the deputies at the gate, since, due to a breakdown in the schedule, they had been there over two hours. As a man once said, ďsome days you canít make 500 dollars ! Maybe next time.

Coincidentally, the next nightís bill contained an otherwise forgettable band which included Ernie Lewis, a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist from Bakersfield who sometimes attends our monthly jams and is a former member (fiddler) of Highway 65. I did get to see most of that show.

The government has cut the budget for these fairs, but Iím hoping that the new manager will find a way to keep the thing going and import some more notable entertainment.

On another note, thanks to those of you who voted for me as a director of our organization. I encourage you to let me know your feelings about any aspect of our activities. My email address is or see me at one of our functions.

Posted:  11/5/2011

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