Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items or Less- November 2011

1. Call me sentimental, call me crazy, but there are many things we can be grateful for.

2. In our CBA community, we actually had people running for positions on the CBA Board. I certainly donít want to rain on the parade but wouldnít it be exciting to see some folks on the board who are under 50? Under 40? Under 30? Just a thought. It will happen one day Iím sure.

3. Our very own Chairman of the Board was poked, prodded, plundered, and pelted by esteemed medical doctors trying to locate the mysterious ailment that has been our chairman ailing. It has been a long difficult road for Rick but he seems to be back in the saddle. I read he had been in Colusa fiddling, singing, and being his usual soft spoken genteel self. Welcome back Rick.

4. Donít you hate it when you lose something? WellÖRead on.

A couple of years ago the Pentagon informed the President that a few pallets of $100 bills ($6.6 billion dollars worth) were missing after being delivered to Iraq. Apparently no one knew where the petty cash fund for the Iraq Reconstruction had ended up. The disappearance of the missing funds was relegated to one small paragraph on page 17 in the Modesto Bee. I never did see anything about it in the S. F. Chronicle or on any news show. I guess it wasnít that important.

Well I am delighted to report that the missing 6.6 billion dollars was found. This article from the Bloomberg News:

ďA new Pentagon audit resolves a lingering Iraq-war mystery, concluding that $6.6 billion of U.S. controlled, reconstruction money was transferred to the Central Bank of Iraq, not lost or stolen.Ē Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Pentagonís Iraq-Recovery Program stated, ďAny doubts about how the money was handled after it left the U.S. (on pallets of $100 bills shrink wrapped) control is an Iraqi-NOT a U.S. government-question.Ē You know I would have thought it would have been a tax payer question.

5. At this time it would be proper to give thanks to all the men and women who served in Iraq (as well as Afghanistan) for honoring our country by fighting for it. The strength, character, and nerve it takes to be a combat soldier is something I canít even imagine.

6. I love those Kaiser commercials with the voice over telling us to stay in shape, get our Mojo working again, etc. You decide to enroll. They send you the enrollment form and you begin to check all those tiny boxes asking if you have had any of these previous conditions: headaches, stomach aches, tooth aches etc? If you suffered from any of these they will accept you but only if you can pony up $1000 a month or more for coverage. If you are 23, in perfect health, and immune to any sickness, disease, or possible health problems, it will cost you a little less, say about $800. Kaiser wants you healthy but they donít want you as a customer if you have had a cold in the past forty years.

7. Now that our CBA Chairman of the Board is active again, it appears he and I will be on Marcosís KCSS radio station Live from Turlock in a couple of weeks. I spent last Sunday at our Chairmanís home with his lovely wife Lynn, three beautiful tan Labradors, a few cats, five llamas, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Rick proudly worked the controls on his mega-million byte computer, bringing in songs from outer space as well as drawing them from his 45,000 song library. Rick wanted to get our 35 song set list ready so we could sit down with a bowl of almonds, oranges, and some Diet Pepsiís so we could watch his beloved 49ers whip the dreaded Cleveland Browns on his TV. The entire day was enjoyable and well spent. Talking with Lynn was fun as usual, and rough-housing with the Labs made me feel like a kid again.
8. I would like to see the CBA Board spend some time reaching out to my Portuguese brothers and sisters.

9. Iíve mentioned in a few of my columns that I had been dealing with a lower back, knee, and leg problems. After completing all of the non -invasive procedures to correct these matters, my doctor says it is time for surgery.
On Monday November 21 at Doctors Hospital in Modesto I will check in for laminectomy surgery, (Widening of the spinal canal).
Until December:

Read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, and for heavens sake, be nice to someone.
Posted:  11/4/2011

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