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I like poetry all right, though Iím not a huge fan. But HaikuÖ ahh, Haiku! There is something special about putting down on paper a thought, an impression, a contrast, in three lines of five, seven, and five syllables. It is so easy that they have kids in third grade create Haiku poetry, yet restrictive enough to make you agonize over the importance of each word at hand to convey your thought. But the beauty is, you canít really go wrong if you follow the rules, and it pleases you.

I know that true Haiku should include a word concerning the seasons, and it should make a contrast within the form, but for fun, letís just tidily ignore that for now!

I spent a little time musing over my musical life and experiences, enjoying the images and memories that came up.

This one reflects my current stateóI havenít been playing much at all lately, but I will!

Tune the rusty strings
Banjo girl plays till string breaks
Husband is happy

This next is an actual festival experience. I know how much fun it can be to participate, but unfortunately for you, the majority just wants to hear the musicians!

Sweet strains of music
Drift over lines of lawn chairs
Till one brings spoons out

How many have had this experience?

Like bright leaves of fall
Swirling in an autumn flurry
There goes my music

Itís always a danger when you combine paper music and words with outdoor settings. I have a friend who was going to be on a stage playing and singing. It was at dusk. There were no lights at the mic. He couldnít read his words. Ouch!

Festival is here
Too bad; Can not play so good
With my broken arm

One of my friends broke his arm just before the festival, but gamely tried to play his guitar, cast and all. Reminds me of when I got a mild cold which absolutely broke my voice to pieces. I sang to myself all the way to Grass Valley, just to enjoy the hilarity of such a sound. You can plan and plan how things will be, but sometimes they just are how they are.

Festival friendships
Closer than your own brother
For just seven days

That one is a sort of bittersweet observation of some of the relationships that come up at festivals and other seasonal events.

If you canít identify with this next one, ask one of your picking buddies!

O What irony
Whiskey makes playing funner
Alas, not better

And anyone who knows what my daughter Melinda plays can figure this one out!

Wild cats are howling,
Screeching; daughter is learning to play
It is the fiddle

Iíd like to see what Haiku you can come up with, or even better, pen a limerick!

Posted:  11/3/2011

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