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I count my many blessings on Harmony Road and Life is Good

I start off each day with 5 things to be grateful for and in the process end up counting so many more blessings. Its a great way to begin the day and adds so much more to life when one thinks about the big and small blessings of people, places and things that fill our lives. I challenge you to try it for 5 days and you too will see the many changes this daily habit can do for you.

1. I am grateful for my membership in the California Bluegrass Association. Thru this membership I have learned so much about Bluegrass Music. I know the musicians and performers on a National and State and local level. This is so wonderful. Recently, I was proud to represent the CBA at IBMA in Nashville. The CBA IBMA Team was lots of work and lots of FUN and friendship too. California is very well represented in Nashville. Our jams and showcases were standing room only and were very well attended. Larry Kuhn and Caroline Disney were wonderful musicians and Bluegrass friends that made everyone feel comfortable and appreciated.

2. I am grateful for my membership in the Northern California Bluegrass Association. NCBS...used to be the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society...and I made the mistake recently of calling it the NCIS!!!! I returned home to California just in time to attend the Brown Barn Festival started by Jake Quesenberry and continued by his daughters. I emceed Saturday afternoon and was lucky to introduce my friends, South County Special , Windy Hill, and OMGG!!! Doug Franklin of The Franklin Ranch and Music Medics shared his home with us and we had a sweet and wonderful Brown Barn Festival. Dancing John was featured by many of the bands and was joined by Dancing Lee.

3. I am grateful for my friends near and far who love me and treat me like a star! Well, it's true, I am lucky to have friends ask me: to sing a song, sing for this service, or we're having a wedding, a bbq, or gathering and would love some music. I love sharing the gift of music with either guitar or dulcimer. I've met many folks who say, "I've had a dulcimer in my closet for years!" I share a few picking and tuning tips and go off like Johnny Appleseed, and make the dulcimer world a little bit better! At the Country Music Hall of Fame, there is a mural with a banjo, guitar, autoharp, mandolin, bass, washboard, and a woman with a DULCIMER on her lap. I did not take my dulcimer to Nashville, but met a woman from Kansas with 2 dulcimers and together we played Angeline the Baker in a hallway jam with Steve Dilling and Michael Cleveland. Did you know that CBA friends, Allan French and Snap Jackson are great dulcimer players?There are festivals just centered around the Dulcimer and seem to be more prominent on the East Coast but the Pacific Rim Gathering was held up past Plymouth in Fair Play this last July. I am playing dulcimer Friday nite with a friend visiting from Nashville, Linda McCrea. Let me know if you play dulcimer or are interested in anything dulcimer related. I'm yourDulcimer Queen of the West Coast and the only one that plays Bluegrass Dulcimer!

4. I am grateful for my life in Santa Cruz County. Santa Cruz is a very rich musical area. Here, I have a network of friends, we call ourselves, "Camp Howdy", and we have been friends for over 20 years thru music: Strawberry Music Festivals, The Good Old Fashioned Festival, KPIG radio, The Brookdale Bluegrass Festivals, The Boulder Creek Bluegrass Festival, The Otter Opry, Phil's Fish in Moss Landing, and Pete & Lora Hick's Camp Outs. We got together last night with wine, food and a photo slide show of all my photos of Nashville. I showed them my badge, the programs booklet of the IBMA, the IBMA Awards Program from the Ryman, and told them about the CBA Suites and Showcases and they relived my meeting celebrities like Sam Bush, Vince Gil, Del McCoury, Eddie & Martha Adcock, George Shuffler, Bobby Osborne, Larry Cordle, Tim O'Brien, Darrell Scott, Domenic Leslie, Mike Bub, Mike Compton, Alecia Nuggent, Tim Stafford, Frank Solivan I and II, and many more and, the Ryman Auditorem, The Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, Tootsie, Earnest Tubbs, and Downtown Nashville!!

5. I am grateful for musical opportunities = gigs. I met Steve Keys at a House Concert a couple years ago. He directs the Songwriters at Play program on the Central Coast and promotes acoustic music for various locations in San Luis Obispo, Paso Robles, Arroyo Grande and Santa Margarita. The Central Coast needed someone to offer music on a regular basis. Tonight (Thursday 10/20/11) I am playing a set of my original songs at The Porch in Santa Margarita. This will be my third time to play there and I am featured with some other very fine women musicians: Linda McRae, Kelley McRae, Amber Cross, Alfa Garcia,and me, Regina Bartlett! I met Linda McRae thru a dinner party given by Barbara Lamb when I was her house guest in Nashville. While down in Santa Margarita, I hope to meet up with Ken & Grace Reynolds daughter, Suzanne, who also plays dulcimer. On the drive home I'll be listening to my friend, Glenn Horn who has a Bluegrass show on the radioKCBS.
Posted:  10/21/2011

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