Author: Bartlett, Regina

Harmony Road 7

I have a very wonderful friend, Virginia Varni. She is from Lubbock, Texas and is 88 and sharp as a tack. She plays guitar, piano and dulcimer and writes poetry. We've been writing songs together. She liked my story about Tom Tworek and gave this poem to me for my birthday and said that I could share it with you all here while I'm out on Harmony Road and up at Grass Valley.

Tom's Jacket
by: Virginia L. Varni
for: Regina Bartlett

"That's a good lookin' jacket"
I said to Tom one day.
He smiled and kindly thanked me
As he got up to play.
With the campfire shining on his face,
Dear friends all gathered 'round,
Or on the stage at festivals,
You knew his voice and guitar sound.
Now Tom's long gone and left us,
For that stage up in the sky,
Where he plays the Bluegrass Music
With the angels passing by.
Now I wear Tom's jacket
When ever I go to play
It keeps me warm and inspired
With the songs Tom used to play.
I did not attend Strawberry this year. Instead I attended concerts close to home and went to a couple benefits that helped out fellow musicians. David Thom organized an incredible concert at Peri's in Fairfax and I got to see David Grisman and his band. South County Special played and I rode up with Linda Maki and Nina Weisman. Curtis Reiser played and sang some great songs and Dave Maghram played banjo and Peddle Steel. The David Thom Band played with Paul Knight on bass who also did the sound that night...of course!!! Bill Evans sat in with David Grisman and David Thom and the singing and playing was stellar! What a night of incredible Bluegrass Music.

I was supposed to go to Big Sur and do the Flash Jam with Corey and some of the folks from Morgan Hill at the River Inn. Labor Day came and the idea of being on Highway One with tourists and holiday traffic made me reconsider my plans. Instead, I went to a party by Megan and Curtis and met Megan's Dad and we entertained him with some Bluegrass with some good friends: Ella, Henry, Johnny Campbell and the Windy Hill guys, Earl White, Dan & Wendy Mills and Whitney Bevins. It was the perfect place to be. Good people, and lots of picking and Bluegrass. Not only can Sugar Meg play Bass and guitar, but she can cook and feed folks too. We all had fun with Megan's Dad.

I am very happy to tell you all that I am going to Nashville and attending IBMA.
I am very excited to be on the CBA Team with other CBA members that I know and love.

It will be so good to see some of our kids perform with the Kids on Bluegrass program by Kim Fox. My family and friends have all supported me to make this trip happen for me. I have always wanted to go to Nashville and to go there with my CBA family of friends is just wonderful. Life is good...see you all at Plymouth! Yee Haw! Till then, I'm out on Harmony Road...

Posted:  9/16/2011

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