Author: Compton, Cliff

Getting ready for Plymouth and Kings River

There was this guy sitting on the corner in downtown Santa Cruz playing his guitar with a rabbit sitting on his head. He didnít look out of place. Frankly, after spending an afternoon in downtown Santa Cruz, I was surprised there wasnít someone on every street corner playing a guitar with a rabbit sitting on his head. Interesting place, Santa Cruz, my kind of place.

I like a town that takes itís music seriously. One that puts a premium on the arts. Iím kind of a one trick pony. If it hasnít got music in it, it ainít no part of nothing. If Iím standing by the grand canyon looking over itís majestic edge, Iím probably wondering if the any of the Indians living at the bottom of the canyon are guitar pickers, and if it would be worth the donkey ride to the bottom to start a jam.

This last weekend I took my family down to Monterey and Santa Cruz. I had to persuade them that it wasnít a bluegrass function to get them to go, so I didnít pack my guitar, but I tricked them. We were staying with my good friends Jim and Carol Johnston and I knew that Jim had an extra Martin somewhere and I reckoned he would pull it out, and he did, after they were all tucked in bed. And we played and everything was right in the world.

Sunday we went to Monterrey, home of the Monterrey folk festival, Where Bob Dylan played his first electric set and scandalized the world. The home of the Monterey Jazz festival and dozens of music venues and great musicians. So what do we do? We look at fish! Spent half the day in the Monterrey Aquarium looking at fish. Not a fiddle to be seen. I just donít get it. Felt like one of those two thousand sardines theyíve got there swimming around and around in circles. There wasnít even muzak in the elevator. The only music they had was some recorded show where some young folks danced around carrying pretend fish and sea turtles and sang songs about FISH!

I love to spend time with my family even if it means I gotta look at fish to do it. You see, Iím looking ahead. Plymouth is next week, and the week after that is Kings River and Iím going to both places, and I need to store up some family points because Iím going to need them. Itís my way of making sure they let me in the house when I get home, and maybe someday theyíll come to one of these festivals with me.

And soÖnow Iíve got the itch. Pat Calhouns gonna be there. Rickís gonna have his fiddle. Be looking for Henry and Snap, and Randy Mcknight, and Lucy, and Randy Morton. And Betty and Mona, and all the rest of you. My guess is, there wonít be a fish anywhere to be seen.

Though I wouldnít mind if some guitar player has a rabbit on his head.

Posted:  9/9/2011

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