Author: Brandli, Darby

September Message from the President

This is a month of many of changes for me and the CBA. I just retired from Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley where I have worked since 1975. I have had a wonderful career in healthcare in a first rate Medical Center working with and managing hundreds of committed and hard- working people. My work life has been a gift, we have made a difference in people’s lives every single day. I will continue to work occasionally as a Nursing Supervisor because I am not willing to completely leave the environment that has been so important to me and my family. My two grown children both also work in the same environment: my son is in charge of linen and my daughter is a Registered Nurse in the Family Care Center. I feel very lucky. I am also retiring from the CBA Board of Directors this month. It is time to make room for others to guide the CBA.

The Board, during the last several years I have been a member, has accomplished some remarkable things and I am proud to have been a participant during these years. I have developed relationships with dedicated and committed people and those relationships will follow me into the future. I feel very lucky. I was elected President the same weekend I flew to Colorado to consult on how to develop a Stroke Center.

I spent the last seven years developing an award winning and Joint Com- mission Certified Stroke Center and developed an amazing staff who will successfully carry on without me. I am retiring from the Board with the same feeling that the Board will evolve and successfully carry on without me as a voting member.

I will continue to participate in the CBA but not as a Board Member. I want to devote my time and energy to the two things that are most important to me....developing the community and increasing member- ship and focusing on developing a year round Youth Program. Nursing and my CBA volunteerism have had the same goal and the same trajectory: serving people and increasing my own leadership in the organization. It just worked out that way, it wasn’t planned, but boy has it been a satisfying ride.

We just received the list of candidates who submitted to run for the California Bluegrass Association Board of Directors this year and, for the first time in many years, there are more candidates running than there are vacant seats. I find this encouraging and exciting. Change is in the air. I encourage all of you who are not running for the Board to vote for candidates who most closely ex- press your own vision of what the Association should become. I also encourage you to let your voice be heard throughout the year by reaching out to those in “leadership” positions in the CBA. I encourage you to participate by volunteering and by inviting people to CBA events. The CBA community is pretty special. I know of few communities as diverse as our community. I especially love the generational diversity. I feel very lucky.

Posted:  9/6/2011

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