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Winners and Losers

They say you win some and you lose some. August was something like that for me, although the winner was a big one and the loser a minor disappointment, in the grand scheme of things.

Winner: The Summergrass festival in Vista (San Diego area). In years past, I had a conflicting obligation and was only able to get to this one a couple of times, and for one day only. This year, the ďother thingĒ was moved back a week and we were able to do the whole fest. And Iíll tell you, it was GREAT. Plenty of good (Iím a bluegrass traditionalist) music, fine weather and well-organized. Congratulations to the San Diego Bluegrass Society, San Diego North County Bluegrass and Folk Club, the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, Old Blue Sound and Mike and Yvonne Tatar, et. al., for a job well-done ! Be sure to get to this one next year.

Loser: The following week we were in San Jose for that ďother thingĒ. Due to bad timing and poor planning, we missed the bluegrass nights (Tues. & Wed.) at Samís Barbecue. We ate there anyway and were warned that if we came back for the music, we should make reservations. Remember that if youíre visiting.

Speaking of winners and losers, the election for the CBA Board of Directors is coming up soon. While Iím sure there are no losers on the ballot, there are more candidates than seats on the board. A happy circumstance, to be sure, but one which will require some thinking on the part of voters. No slam-dunk this time !
However you vote, please vote ! My philosophy is, if you donít vote, you give up your right to complain about anything the organization does until next yearís election !
Posted:  9/3/2011

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