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So there you have it

So, there you have it. With todayís news item postings youíve seen thirteen candidateís statements (We do have fourteen candidates, by the way, but have not yet received a statement from Steve Goldfield.) You can click here to view the entire field. And hereís hoping that at some point, you do just that. Take ten minutes to sit down and read all of the statements, comparing and contrasting. Could be eye opening.

So, hereís my statement:

ďIíve served on the CBA board of directors for eleven years. Iíve made the decision to run one last time. This was kind of a hard call for me. On the one hand, it surely seems the Association is ready for some new leadership and my leaving the scene, both as a board member and as board chair, would go a long ways toward making that happen. On the other hand, during the past seven or eight years Iíve assumed a great many duties and I feel some responsibility to ensure that each of them gets passed along into good hands and in an orderly fashion. Hence, my last year on the board of directors will be a transitional one.Ē

I want to take a minute to say a little more about my situation. Why? Because todayís my turn to write a column and, well, Iíve got to write about something. (Do all of the other candidateís have the chance to write a Welcome column about their candidacy? You BETCHA. Send Ďem on over.)

First and foremost, it most certainly is time I step aside. And if I win re-election, thatís what Iíll be doing as we move through 2011-2012. As I wrote in my candidateís statement, over the past eleven years Iíve gradually accumulated a big bunch of duties. This is due partly to the fact that for more than half my tenure on the board Iíve been half-retired; thatís given me the luxury of having time to contribute to the Association that most other board members have not had. And second, (and hereís admission thatís unnecessary for those who know me well), when I get into something, I pretty much jump in.

So, as I shared my plan not to run again with some of my colleagues, what I heard was, hey, maybe I should wait a year and give people a chance to get up to speed on their new responsibilities. Do some trainingÖ.coaching. After sleeping on it, I found that I agreedÖ.hence, this year of transition. (I know, I know, some of you will understand, some of you will groan at my self-aggrandizement and most of you could care less. Nothing new here.)

One last word about my running for the board of directors. A good number of you are aware that for some months now Iíve been struggling with my health. Since before Grass Valley Iíve been afflicted with some mystery rheumatoidal condition that has so far baffled the docs. I havenít gotten any worse, but I havenít gotten any better and the tests just keep coming. I missed most of the Fathers Day Festival, the July board meeting and the August board meeting, and I will continue missing both the fun stuff and the business stuff until I feel better. Iím ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that I will beat this thing and feel better and thatís why Iím running one last time for the board. All this notwithstanding, I will of course do whatís right if my health situation drags on.
Posted:  8/20/2011

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