Author: Campbell, Bruce

Peaceful Queasy Feelin'

Change makes us queasy.

Change is a-comin’ to the CBA Board of Directors. I know the members don’t like change much, because at least once (maybe twice) the whole Board ran for re-election with no opposition. That doesn’t mean the Board was universally loved by the membership. Far from it! But the prospect of stepping up to run against the incumbents, and the changes that would require of a challenging candidate, was too daunting, apparently.

When I was elected to the Board, I won the seat on my second try, so I assumed there would be a lively annual dogfight to keep the seat. So, each year, I prepared my Candidate Statement and tried to put my best foot forward. I spoke to dozens and dozens of members at CBA events (I’d like to say hundreds, but I don’t know if that’s accurate.) But a funny thing happened – each successive year, it seemed like being on the CBA Board of Directors was not a role coveted by many.

This year, however, is different: the announcement of several incumbents that they would not be running for re-election has brought forth a gaggle of fresh comers. I, for one, am thrilled to see this - I relish the pressure of having to prove my worth as a Director again to the CBA Members – this is how it should be!. I know all the newcandidates (some better than others), and I think any, or all of them will be excellent additions to the CBA Board of Directors.

What would be a tragedy is if voter turnout isn’t up this year. I can ALMOST understand voter apathy when there are no challengers to the incumbents. But this year, there are LOTS of choices, and that should generate some excitement. If you’ve been critical of the current Board of Directors, this is a great chance to make some substantive changes – but your voice won’t be heard unless you vote.

Take the time to read the candidates’ statements, and most (if not all) of them are also fairly active on the Message Board, so you can get to know them pretty well. If you want to contact them directly, it shouldn’t be heard to get their contact info. Most of them are at a lot of CBA events – seek them out and look ‘em in the eye. Make your decision an informed one.

It should be warned – even if all the new candidates end up on the Board, it will be a little time before their influence is felt within the CBA. No single Board member has sweeping powers to cut a wide swath through the organization. There are procedures, and ideas must be carefully considered before wholesale adoption. Some new Board members may find this process frustrating, and their tenures may be short as a result. But I hope the CBA membership, and the new Directors, will have the patience to let their ideas work past the gauntlet of the Board, and Robert’s Rules of Order. It’s like a forge – ideas that successfully survive the heat will be the strongest ones, and the CBA, as an organization should benefit from them. I guess the same could be said for Board members!

Posted:  8/17/2011

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