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Promotional Idea

First, let me thank all of you who signed my candidate’s petition for the Board of Directors election. I will do my best to live up to your expectations.

Recently there was a suggestion posted on the Message Board for increasing membership in the association, to wit, we would give a year’s membership to any non-member who bought a 4-day ticket to the Fathers Day Festival. Dissenting “posters” opined that this would be too expensive to be practical. Since it seemed reasonable to me on its face, I did a little research and came up with some numbers, based on the cost of printing and mailing of the Bluegrass Breakdown (Oct./Nov. 2010) and the ticket sales for this year’s FDF (4 days, adults and seniors).

There were 40 pre-event (early-bird and advanced) tickets sold to non-members, Non-members pay $25 more than members. There were 122 4-day tickets sold at the gate. Since everybody pays the same price at the gate, it’s unknown how many of these were to non-members.

If the association were to try this, I would suggest that the memberships be given only to those who buy their tickets before the festival because 1) the logistics of gathering the necessary information at the gate would overburden the gate crew, and 2) there would be no incentive to purchase tickets early. As far as I know, the only monetary cost to the association of individual membership is the production and distribution of the Bluegrass Breakdown.

So, what is the potential cost of this plan ? Of the 40 tickets sold to non-members pre-festival, 28 were sold to couples and 12 to singles (yes, we know this). This means we would send out 26 additional copies of the BB monthly (14 “couples” memberships + 12 “singles”). Since we routinely print hundreds of extra copies every month (for promotional purposes), the additional cost of those “subscriptions” would be about 34 cents per copy for addressing and postage. Multiply that by 11 issues per year and the cost per membership is $3.74. Multiply again by the aforementioned 26 memberships and the total cost for this plan is $77.24. 26 new memberships for $77.24. If one decides not to renew after the first year, we’re out a whopping $3.74. Cheaper than giving away T-shirts !

The mechanics are simple enough – advertise at the start of ticket sales that a non-member who buys his ticket early will receive a year’s membership, and make sure the ticket order form includes all the necessary membership information.

The reason I joined the association in the first place was to ensure that I would get the BB every month. I had been picking it up at a music store, and sometimes they’d all be gone before I got there ! These folks will have 11 issues to get “hooked” on the CBA !

Posted:  8/6/2011

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