Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items or less

1.) It’s August, schools are opening, Sheila, now tenured (God Bless her) will begin another school year as an excellent special education teacher, her husband, b.judd will begin his 24th year as a substitute teacher, their grandsons are getting older, Rhiannon and family are moving to Bakersfield, JJ and family are purchasing their first home, and sadly body parts are slowly wearing out.

2.) Next month, 9/11/2011, Sheila and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. We actually had been dating since Feb. 12 1967 so you can tack on a few more years. Does anyone know what the wedding anniversary gift is for 40 years? I don’t know what I will get Sheila but I do know that she deserves and should be awarded the Noble Peace Prize for putting up with me these past 40-44 years.

3.) 1971 was an interesting year. Nixon was in the White House…..Home prices averaged $25,000…….. Rent averaged $150.00…. Gas was 40 cents a gallon…A stamp was 8 cents….. A movie ticket cost $1.50….. Turkey was 43 cents a pound…. Eggs were 53 cents a dozen… A gallon of milk was $1.18….. A Dodge Charger was $3,500.00……. The Dow Jones almost reached 1000 but topped out at 950. The low that year was 750. ….. AND THE FEDERAL DEBT WAS, (drum roll) 408.2 BILLION DOLLARS…. As my father used to say, “How about those apples?”

Some more 1971 trivia…. Pirates over the Orioles in the World Series 4-3…. Dallas over Miami in the Super Bowl 21-3….. Milwaukie Bucks beat the Baltimore Bullets 4-0 for the championship…. Frazier beats Ali….
And for the BLUEGRASS FOLKS OUT THERE: A very special DVD was recorded in 1971 in Colorado Springs, North Carolina. It was supposedly the very first bluegrass festival. It was called the “Bluegrass Country Soul Festival”. The line up included…..Lily Brothers, Dixie Pals, Ralph Stanley, Country Gentlemen, Osborne Brothers, Earl Scruggs, Del McCoury, Jimmy Marin, Roy Acuff … Just to name a few. You can order it online… It would make a swell birthday or Christmas gift.

4.) This summer has been a treadmill of health problems, visiting doctors and being scheduled for various injections etc. to take care of my bent back and return my legs to a functioning and pain free status. I would be elated if I could walk out of the house, grab my walking stick, smile at the sky, and begin a refreshing, mind clearing 4-5 mile walk. It has been so long I have forgotten the mental, physical and psychological pleasures one gets by walking. I desperately need to get back.
5.) I visited Marcos at the KCSS studio a couple of weeks ago as he was set to do his first solo flight. Helping Marcos out was a very friendly young man, a CSUS student, named Sean Gillespie, who happened to be a very close relative of a famous trumpet player who went by the name Dizzy. In between bluegrass songs the three of us chatted and had a good time.

Marcos had just set up four songs to be played, pushed the button, leaned back in his chair and said, “Brooks, did you hear the one about the over weight penguin, the one legged magpie, three ducks, two electric tuners and a bowl of pitted prunes”? I shook my head no. Marcos rubbed his hands in a rather deliciously bawdy manner and began the tale. A few seconds went by and just as Marcos was getting to the punch line a flustered Sean came running in from the other room yelling, “Your mic is on!!!Your mic is on!!” Marcos leaned over and quickly shut off the mic. Sean stared at Marcos, began smiling and said, “Marcos, Always check to make sure your mic is off”. Marcos scratched his head, smiled, nodded, and finished the joke.

6.) The chairman of the CBA Board and yours truly signed on as a tag team duo to do a bluegrass show at KCSS. Unfortunately due to our ongoing health problems we have been unable to meet so we can put all the pieces together for the show. We are confidant our health will improve to the point we will be able to get together either in Sonora or Turlock, put a great two hour program together and be able to present it to the CBA listeners.

7.) Speaking of the new bluegrass show on KCSS in Turlock if anyone of our CBA members out there have any ideas or would want to come down and see what is going on at the studio Marcos would love to hear from you.

Until September, read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, and say a little prayer for our fighting men and women overseas and in the States.

Posted:  8/5/2011

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