Author: Cornish, Rick

Opps, a fifth-er

Today is one of those fifth-Saturday calendar anomalies, meaning that when I awoke and dragged myself to the computer I was rudely reminded that I had a Welcome column to write. Obviously hadn’t done much thinking about what I’d write seeing as how I wasn’t aware I’d be writing anything at all. Now, you might be thinking, wouldn’t someone with the responsibility of ensuring that a new, fresh Welcome column appears in this spot each day….particularly someone who’s had that responsibility for ten years now…..have bothered to check the calendar a day or two before? Yes, normally that person would, but this has been a very different kind of a summer for me. As I’ve shared with you, my health has been erratic since May and I’ve done a whole lot of reading and sleeping these dog days, and really very little else. I’ve kept up with the web site in fits and starts, not the routinized daily grind that’s seen me through a decade of web mastering.

So, anyways, my first thought was to scan through our archive of past Welcome columns and select something worth reposting….certainly a lot of good stuff to choose from. That’s always an option, but it’s one that I take up as a last resort; just seems like the easy way out. We want folks to come here each day and find something new and different. No, I decided, better to create something from whole cloth. But what?

Let’s see, I could wax eloquent about how terrific it is to visit our Message Board and see all of these ideas for solving this problem or accomplishing that goal. Or I could carp about how demoralizing it is to watch as not a single person raises their hand and says, ‘Hey, that really IS a good idea. Sign me up and I’ll make that happen.’ Nope, not gonna go that route. Who wants a sour grapes sermon on such a bright, sunny summer’s day?

Or, I could slip into my comfort zone and do the what’s-new-with-the-CBA shtick….we’ve got a newly designed Online Calendar system that makes posting events easier….we’ve been able to secure some new facilities at the Kings River Festival site that will make both performers and attendees happy…..the Association will hire an extra four California bands in 2012, producing the Great 48 Band Showcase Showdown…..we’ll finally have a slate of new candidates for whom to vote in this year’s board of directors election….and so on. But I don’t know, that just seems like going through the motions.

I could easily write a treatise on our animals here at Whiskey Creek. (I remember how PO’ed lowercaseman would become when I began each daily Welcome with a pet roll call.) Let’s see…..Willie, the youngest of the labs, just turned two and is finally showing signs of leaving his infuriating puppy ways behind….Jack the Cat died suddenly and for no apparent reason, which brings us down to only two cats, a feline-to-human ratio that Lynn’s not happy with…..The five llamas are now allowed to come out of their pasture for seven or eight hours each day and forage in our landscaped yard; our shrubs and trees and flower beds have never looked so well maintained. But I don’t know, just how interesting can you make an update on a bunch of dumb animals?

All this ruminating on what to write for a Welcome has tired me out. Going to take a nap. Bert Daniels has a fine piece on Kenny Baker coming up tomorrow.

Posted:  7/30/2011

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