Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items or Less

Item 1: The 2011 Fatherís Day Festival is over. Folks were excited, the weather was perfect, the bands were great and the music and laughter of various jams wafted through the pines. But there was a sense of loss, an unfamiliar odd feeling that something was missing this year. What was it?

Item 2: Could it have anything to do with the strange events that had been happening around the United States lately?

Item 3: There have been documented reports of purple cows flying over Madison, Wisconsin, you tube footage of Eskimos purchasing bags of ice and laying down cold hard cash for Deluxe Amana Freezers at the local Lowes in Nome, Alaska and the National Inquirer ran a story (with pictures) last week that Hell indeed has frozen over. What could all these strange happenings be leading up to?

Item 4: Then the bombshell hit. No one saw it coming. The current Chairman of the Board, Rick Cornish, arrived as usual at base camp Sunday morning at Grass Valley prior to this yearís Fatherís Day Festival. By the time the first act was to go on Thursday morning, the Chairman of the Board was ailing and unable to perform his duties let alone be part of the jams he loves so dearly. There was only one option and it was not a good one. Rick would have to pack up and return to his oak studded 67 acre estate in the Sonora foothills. The unthinkable, the improbable, had happened. Rick missed the festival!

Rick had been attending every Fatherís Day Festival from day one. Now, the streak is over. What insidious entity, what set of circumstances so bold, so unrelenting could keep Rick away? Filled with grief and an intense feeling of loss, Rick was determined to find how this could happen to him. Rick immediately called the outstanding medical folks at Stanford, explained his situation and was asked to come in for a full medical check up.

After extensive examination by the nationís top medical doctors and completing a long battery of tests it was determined that Rick was suffering from ADR. Test results show that the iatrogenic endogenous chemical agents Rick had been prescribed were not compatible with other prescribed compounds he had been using. When all the results were in, changes were made in the various salts and elixirs Rick was taking. After a couple of weeks of the proper medicines Rick is now in excellent health. Well, at least until he starts making frames again.

Item 5: I enjoyed the past two years at Grass Valley working the hospitality stage under the direction of the dynamic Jennifer Kitchen. I was looking forward to another three days under the tent passing out food and drink and mingling with all the blue grass performers but medical problems prevented me from attending this year's Fatherís Day Festival. Hopefully things will be better next year and I can help man the hospitality tent.

Item 6: A couple of weeks ago I hobbled over to Cal State Stanislaus to meet with Marcos Alvira and Rick Cornish. We were to meet Marcosís daughter, Annie, at the KCSS studio where she has her own show. Marcos has spent a lot of time and effort creating a slot Thursday nights 7-9 on KCSS that is dedicated to bluegrass music, run by CBA members trained by his talented and lovely daughter, Annie.

Annie spent a couple of hours showing Rick and me the ropes in the studio. (Rick and I will team up for our once a month show). Rick is already piecing together an extensive play list from his 1000+ CD collection for his portion of the show and I am sifting through my limited collection of bluegrass CDís to bring my favorite music to the table. I know Rick is excited, I am thrilled and the CBA is lucky to have someone like Marcos and Annie out there thinking about the folks in the CBA.

Good work Marcos! Annie, we want to thank you for your time and patience in working with us.
Until August, read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, stroke a cat, and greet the morning with open arms.

Posted:  7/1/2011

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