Author: Ramos, Jean

Grass Valley Bits and Pieces

It has been another week of ďmemory makingĒ events. I got to see bluegrass groups that Iíve never seen before, made many new friends and reunited and spent time with old friends.

My favorite artist this year was Dale Ann Bradley. She has a lovely voice, some beautiful songs and put on a great show. Her band mates are fantastic, and sheís a pretty good picker in her own right. Not only that, she is one of the friendliest people I met. She greeted me with a hug as though I were an old friend. She posed for pictures too, which I immediately put on Facebook. I got carried away and bought a copy of all her CDís. I thought it was really nice that she came out and played mandolin with the Kids on Bluegrass.

great to have so many talented musicians come and join in, people like Cory Welch, Chef Mike, Pat Calhoun, Jonathan Bluemel, Rick Watson, Tina Louise Barr, John Gwinner and many others, too numerous to mention by name. I particularly enjoyed the fine bass playing of Barbara La Rae, who plays for the Red Rag Andy Band. Her bass itself has a colorful history. Ask her about the patched up bullet holes sometime, she likes to tell the story.

Thank you to those who supported the CBA Art Show and Sale by purchasing our paintings, photographs and prints. Lynn Cornish had many lovely water colors on display, and most of you heard the stories behind all the picture frames. Rick and Lynn furnished all the frames, mats and glass for all the artwork that was displayed. I have plans to do more caricatures of my CBA friends and itís only fair to warn you that everyone is a potential target. I got some good pictures of Dancing John and others in the dance section. Thereís quite an eclectic mix of folks there; hula hoops, chicken hats, you name it. The Thin Man really impressed me with his dancing, so fun to watch.

This thirty-sixth annual festival not only was a Fatherís Day celebration, but it was also a celebration of Bill Monroeís Centennial Birthday, Cliff Comptonís 60th birthday, and the 46th Anniversary of my marriage to Terry. It was not quite the same without Tim Edes present. As many of you know, his dear father passed away last week. We extend our deepest sympathy to him and his family.

We left for home on Sunday right after the Gibson Brotherís performance. I had a passenger going home; Alex Sharps needed a ride to Rio Vista. I donít think he got much sleep at Grass Valley; he crammed in as much jamming as he could. He actually fell asleep mid sentence during a conversation so I turned the old radio on and tuned into Bluegrass Junction.

I did several loads of laundry when I got home, unpacked the camper and was just getting ready to clean it good when I saw a post on Facebook by John Senior encouraging people to come up to Susanville. I responded to his post and it didnít take much for him to talk me into packing everything back out to the camper, shopping for more groceries and loading up once again. As you read this, I will be up there listening to some great music or jamming with friends. See you all at the next event.
Posted:  6/26/2011

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