Author: Alvira, Marco

The Lucky One

As the title implies, I’m the lucky one to write the first Welcome Column after the Great Web Site Melt Down of 2011. Losing contact with my bluegrass family for several days was almost too much to handle. I was even beginning to ponder the aspects of activating my Facebook account to stay in touch with our clan. Desperation breeds desperate acts. Thank God, the site came back up on Saturday.

Truthfully, the web site being down so long made me somewhat lethargic regarding the writing of this column. I was caught a little flat-footed when it came back on line. Usually I start planning a piece about a week ahead of time. I hate to admit, as Saturday evening approached, and I hadn’t yet typed a single character, I began to secretly hope that our digital gremlins might spare me and hold on for another day. Alas, Karma caught up to me and I sit here at far too late an hour. No bad deed or thought goes unpunished in the grand scheme.
I’ll spare you folks my feeble attempts at a tear jerking story, or a humorous piece loaded with delicious irony and wry humor. I’ll tear a page from Books “Ten Items or Less” and share a few thoughts with you.

First, don’t fret about the weather at the Father’s Day Festival. If we collectively put our thoughts together and focus on creating a huge shield of white light that will protect from rain clouds at Grass Valley, we will stay dry. After all, it is northern California and we’re permitted to do things like that. The normal laws of science do not apply in this part of the state.

Speaking of Grass Valley, don’t forget to ask about your free S.H.A.R.E.S. card. By allowing the store clerk to swipe it when you shop at participating grocery stores, the CBA actually makes money…for free. Listen for announcements from the emcees.

…and not for free, but for a very reasonable price, you can purchase the first ever, special edition CBA pictorial calendar. There are professional shots of performers, jams and all CBA functions—in wonderful color. Buy one and look for your picture, for your child, or for a long lost friend…. The calendars can be found at the Mercantile. This is a first edition and they are limited in numbers, so buy one as soon as possible.

For the first time, I’m camping in a trailer at the FDF. My wife and I usually stay in a motel. After buying a nice little rig with a shower and working toilet, she assented to joining the fray. We’ll be in the full hook-up area. Someone please tell that my wonderful wife will get a good night’s sleep. I have this nagging concern that after two days, not only will I be paying for the full hook-up, but for a motel room, too. I might be paying for this trailer twice.

CBA Radio…yes, that’s right…CBA Radio. It’s coming to you soon either over the airwaves or via the Internet. KCSS, the Stanislaus State radio station, has agreed to allow the CBA to broadcast from their station. With the increase in power from their transmitter later this summer, much of the northern San Joaquin Valley and surrounding hills will be able to receive us. With the Internet streaming broadcast, there is no limit to our range. There will be a variety of voices and musical tastes represented by the show. Watch the CBA web site for more info. Broadcasts should start at the beginning of July…if not sooner.

I just finished another school year and I’m embarking on my summer hiatus from chalk clogged vocal cords and watery nose and eyes (the result of living in a petri dish of germ and bacteria that we call a classroom). Besides the requisite backpacking, fly fishing, jamming, hammocking (had to keep parallel structure), baseball watching, and classic movie viewing. I’ll continue remodeling the house. We’ve put it off till our kids were done with school. Annie just graduated college and my son is half way there. We should be done with the house by the time I retire and we’re ready to sell it. Sometimes I feel like my life was torn from the pages of novel by Camus.

…and while we’re on Camus, I’m open to suggestions for summer reading. I’m a history buff and enjoy reading about 19th century American history in particular, but I want to try some good fiction. I abhor fantasy, enjoy thoughtful suspense, and avoid Russian writers. Two of my all time favorites are The Tin Drum and Little Big Man. Let me know on the Message Board what you might recommend.

Keep those thoughts of clear skies and balmy weather clearly in focus and I’ll see ya at Grass Valley…I’m looking forward to the square dance!
Posted:  6/5/2011

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