Author: Cornish, Rick

We’re back!

So, where’s the CBA web site been since Wednesday night? Well, it’s a long story….and if you’re one of the handful of people responsible for keeping up and running, a gut-wrenching story.

First and foremost, we were NOT the victim of a virus attack.

Here’s what happened. For years we’ve been needing to do a massive upgrade of our Online Calendar system. It’s far and away the most complex of the web site’s interactive systems, and also the oldest. We contracted with a programmer to do the re-design and re-build with the understanding that we would need to upgrade our web coding software to take full advantage of the advances that have been made since the original calendar was built in 2000.

Having finished the new calendar last Wednesday night our contractor went ahead and installed the new software not realizing that it would take 72 hours for our Internet service provider to make the switch over. We’d planned on doing this a couple weeks after the Fathers Day Festival week, when traffic is usually slow, and we obviously planned on giving people plenty of notice. You know what they say about the ‘plans of mice and men’……

Obviously just about the worst time for our web site to go dark is the time leading up to our annual event in Grass Valley. This was a screw up and it was mine. But hey, at least we’re back.
Posted:  6/4/2011

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