Author: Bartlett, Regina

Harmony Road 7 TOM’S JACKET

That’s a good looking jacket someone said to me
I said Thank you and I think about Tom’s Jacket and how it came to me. I’d see Tom Tworek and the campfire light shining on the faces of friends and hear bluegrass music being played at festivals. Tom would play “Gold Watch and Chain” on bass or guitar and he took many photographs of Bluegrass Legends and musical stars. I always enjoyed his latest photographs and sometimes he would give me a print.

He loved to sing and play bluegrass music and loved his friends. He’d play with Lloyd Butler and The Abbott Family and Billy and Sarah and Pete Hicks. In the smoky light I’d watch him play guitar and I’d compliment him and say, “That sure is a good looking jacket!”

Tom got sick and passed away and all his photographs and belongings were given away. His truck, his guitar, his bass and all his cameras and photographs. His stuff. His apartment was emptied and his sister asked if anyone would take his trash to the dump. I volunteered to help because I had a truck and as I loaded the trash, along with his photographs of friends, with all his stuff was the jacket that I liked so much.

It smelled like nicotine and cigarettes. I washed it a lot and now the scent of tobacco is gone and I take pictures and try to write this song,
Of how Tom passed his jacket on to me and how this friend of mine has so inspired and travels with me.

Is it wearing me or am I wearing it?
It travels with me now wherever I play.
At music festivals and concerts and hanging out with friends, it keeps me warm and the song never ends. Oh what I have learned.

So now I wear Tom’s jacket and he’s riding with me
and I hope that maybe there’s just a little of him rubbing off on me.
Tom’s Jacket keeps me warm, feeling hugged and just right.
That’s a good looking jacket,
Thanks a lot Tom
Good Night!

Here on Harmony Road…

I decided not to go to the Strawberry Music Festival this Spring and will see you all at the Dabney Hicks Campout Memorial Weekend at Bolado Park in Hollister, CA. I’ll be wearing Tom’s Jacket and it’s gonna be Fun…and maybe some one will play “Gold Watch and Chain“ for Tom.
Posted:  5/20/2011

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