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Here we go

Well, it seems that Blue Grass season is under way, with the Spring Campout behind us. Another fine, fun gathering. David Brace ran it like an old pro. One thing he hasn’t learned yet is how to duck – seems he’s going to ramrod the Fall get-together as well!

Chef Mike had plenty of spaghetti to go around and raised a tidy sum for the kids’ music program.

And I learned that it’s not easy to put together a BG band at 9:00 am!

Unfortunately, due to a sudden (but not serious) illness, we won’t be going to our next scheduled stop on the “tour”, Parkfield! A day in hospital and follow-up doctor’s visit put a big hole in my “rig gettin’ ready” timetable. Plus, I had a problem with my truck that had me worried, so, all things considered, we decided to sit this one out and get squared away. We’ll miss being there for sure! We really enjoyed it last year.

Speaking of enjoying, I recommend that one and all take in the Susanville fest the weekend after Grass Valley. It’s a dandy. You can drive up on Monday and get your spot in the fairgrounds and unwind for a couple of days before the show starts. Check it out here on the website.

On an unrelated note, I learned a new word this week – “Treppenwitz” (the wit of the stairway). I had never heard of it, although I’ve been plagued by it from time to time for most of my life. The word describes the situation where you think of a really good snappy come-back that you could have used in a conversation yesterday.

In humor, as in music, timing is of the essence!.
Posted:  5/7/2011

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