Author: Rhynes, J.D.

One of those times that I wish I hadn't said jes what I was a'thinkin'.

Now we have all did that in the past I'm sure. BUT, the most embarassing time I ever did it happened at the IBMA shindig, in Louisville, Kentucky back around 1998. My good friend Ronnie Reno and I had the habit of having breakfast together on Sunday morning every year, before we left for home. I would always go to his room and we would head fer the hotel dining room from there. Well this one year, Ronnie's room was on the 18th er 19th floor, so I got there around 8:00 AM. Ronnie grabbed his hat and we headed down the hallway to the elevator. Now my pal Ronnie is probably one of the funniest men I've ever known, and as we were walking down the hallway, he stopped, grabbed me by the arm and said; J.D., what's the speed limit in here? Are we goin' too fast? [ We HAD been goin' pretty fast fer the last 8 day's! ] We had a good laugh over that one, and continued to the elevator's. Well, we got on the elevator and went down one floor and it stopped. This DROP DEAD gorgeous blonde gal walked into the elevator, punched a floor button, then turned and looked at me and Ronnie. She was standing right next to me and when she looked up at me, I could NOT believe what I was seeing! This BEAUTIFUL woman had at least 15 er 16 pieces of metal thangs stuck all over her face! Rings, studs, curly que's, etc. I was absolutely stunned that someone who was so beautiful would do that to her self. I couldn't help but STARE at her and when she looked at me fer the second time, these words jes SLIPPED right out of my mouth. I said; You look like you fell in a fishing tackle box! She kinda stammered; Well I guess I do. My pal Ronnie jes grabbed his mouth and kinda fell against the wall of the elevator. About that time the elevator stopped and she got off. When the doors closed Ronnie absolutely fell down laughing! He said, J.D., I caint believe you said that! I said, heck far Ronnie, I caint believe I said it either. It jes kinda slipped out! Ronnie couldn't hardly eat breakfast fer laughing over that one. I felt so sorry fer sayin' that to that pretty lil' gal, but fer the life of me I still dont understand the WHY of it all. Fer better er worse, that's the truth as it happened.
Posted:  4/28/2011

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