Author: Campbell, Bruce

Who Can Help with the Hype?

If you’re like me, you’ve been staring out the window a lot. Spring fever – I got it, and I bet you do, too! We’ve had WAY more than our share of dreary, wet, sodden weather this year, and we we’re so anxious for sunny weather. So, we forget how spring actually works in northern California: The wet weather breaks for a while in late March or early April, only to break our hearts again later in April.

Well, I’ve had it with wet weather – I don’t care about the weather rules or any such nonsense. So, when I’m looking out the window, I am feverishly (springer feverishly, that is!) trying to WILL the weather to stay nice for this weekend’s CBA Spring Campout. I am cautiously optimistic and looking forward to it. My sheer will may carry the day...

Besides just getting a jump on the outdoor aspect of the bluegrass season, the spring campout gives me a break from the frantic part of CBA life in the spring.

I have been up to my armpits in CBA business. As Publicity Director, this is my busiest part of the year as I gear up the marketing to try and get folks to come to the Father’s Day Festival in June. I need to analyze all the marketing efforts from last year, decide which worked best, what didn’t work so well, and try and balance these marketing efforts against the budget I have to work from.

This is the time of year I need to grow an extra layer of skin, because I will hear from many folks who didn’t see an ad where they think they should have seen one, or saw an ad and didn’t like it, or think advertising itself is an utter waste of time. I will receive all kinds of advice from well-intended folks, and I will need to consider all advice carefully, because you never know where the next great idea is going to come from.

Aside from thoughtful advice, sometimes the very best marketing is on the grass roots (no pun intended) level. Display ads, and broadcast media are inherently expensive. It does pay off, but it’s important to supplement these efforts with “feet on the street” efforts as well – and there is where YOU come in!

If you go to places in your town to jam or listen to bluegrass, look around. Do you see a poster for the Father’s Day festival? If not, would you be willing to put one up? In order to keep from duplicating efforts, though, we would need to coordinate with your CBA Area VP and see if that person already has plans to put a poster up in the venue. The easiest way to do this, then would be to contact your area VP (check the CBA website – it’s easy) and tell him or her that you know of a place where a CBA Father’s Day Festival poster might bring some more bluegrass fans to the festival.

I swear I’m not trying to avoid hard work, folks – I just know that marketing is most effective in a saturation effort. The more we work together, the more likely we can continue to make the Father’s Day Festival, (and by extension, the CBA itself), successful. And while we’re at it, have more fun, and create new bluegrass fans at every turn.

Posted:  4/13/2011

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