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Old and in the Way

(Editor’s Note: This being a fifth Thursday of the month, writing duties would typically fall on Rick Cornish. However, as some of you may have read, his table saw mishap has left him temporarily less than dexterous. (Took him fifteen minutes to write this paragraph.) Well, as luck would have it, our second Sunday Welcomer, Bert Daniel sent his column in early because he and his family are headed to Spain so we’ll use it this morning. Interestingly, Bert tells us he wrote the pirce without having seen the “regime change” Welcome. Go figure.)

One of these days I'll arrive at my so-called golden years. If by then I'm still writing welcome columns, perhaps I'll have moved up to one of the coveted corner offices on the top floor here at CBA Towers. I'll cut back my schedule a bit and I'll only have to write a monthly column on whichever day I choose. What will life be like then? I wonder…

Senior Ambassador
Today's column from Bert Daniel
Friday, April 1, 2022

Howdy Folks! It is my pleasure to announce that I have accepted an appointment as the CBA's very first Senior Ambassador! Let me quote from Christian Foley's recent article in Marty Varner's award winning holographic online Bluegrass Breakdown:
Long time CBA member Bert Daniel was named as its first Senior Ambassador at last month's board meeting by unanimous consent. Bert joins Teen Ambassador Dorian Crocker to help coordinate activities for a very important age group. When asked to comment, Daniel put his hand to his ear and said: "Huh?"

This is the perfect job for me because frankly, there's really not much to do. Members of my generation just know how to have a good time and all I really have to do is figure out ways to get us together more often. I'm fortunate to have the full support of CBA president AJ Lee and director Nate Schwartz.

I ran into Nate the other day and complimented him on the great job he's been doing since taking over from long time director Rick Cornish a couple of years ago. Nate is our youngest director ever, and it's great to see all the creative projects put in place since he took over the helm. I'm sure that the phenomenal resurgence of Bluegrass music's popularity, in California and nationally, is due in large part to Nate's efforts. Of course it doesn't hurt to have a wellspring of fine musicians out here in the golden state. What about Tessa and Tim winning at Weiser again and Angela's first Grammy?!

Modest as ever, Nate credited others, including Cornish, with his success. I jokingly asked him how he was going to manage one day when the legendary Rick is no longer around to offer his sage advice from all those years of experience. He looked me straight in the eye. "Oh, Rick's taken care of that. It's in his will. We'll just prop him up in the corner of the CBA board room and he'll help us any way he can. I figure he'll still get a lot more done than most people." Was he joking?

Next month is our first senior campout, so pull up your solar pod and let's do some jamming! I'll be hosting the snail's pace jam, so bring your Advil and work on the following tunes in preparation: Old Joe Clark, Old Sledge, The Old Crossroads, Old Home Place, Old Dangerfield, Old Brown County Barn, Old Ebeneezer Scrooge, Old Gospel Ship, Old Man's Story and Old Old House. I just got my new dentures fitted, so you can bet I'll be ready to sing!

Posted:  3/31/2011

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