Author: Karsemeyer, John

The New Bluegrass B-Phone?

What if there were a phone dedicated solely to all things bluegrass? A prototype might look something like this.

For English press #1.
For Appalachian American press #2.
For banjo press #3.
For bass press #4.
For dobro press #5.
For fiddle press #6.
For guitar press #7.
For mandolin press #8.
For festivals press #9.
To stop playing bluegrass press 0.
To make it big in bluegrass press *.
To lose or gain weight press #.
To learn all instruments press 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
To be converted from rock & roll to bluegrass press 7, then 2.
To learn all about bluegrass food, press “menu.” (road-kill = “menu” & 7)
To contact the California Bluegrass Association chairman press 6 then 1.
If you know English and would like to learn Appalachian American press 1 and 2.
If you don't like bluegrass hang up immediately and get psychiatric help.

Well it could happen. Technology is an amazing thing, advancing exponentially. If somebody in the CBA invented a B-Phone it could be a fund raiser for the organization. There could be a booth at the CBA Fathers Day Festival selling the new B-Phones. The CBA can always use new marketing ideas. What's your idea(s) for the new B-Phone?

While the “B-Phone” is just fooling around, think about how your cell phone has become an integral part of your life. For many of us, we're joined at the hip. Like Siamese twins. If you want to have what for most us would be an unusual experience, try going without your cell phone for awhile. It's nice to be potentially connected to the world 24/7, but it's also nice to get away from the world, by yourself, for awhile without any ringing in your ears. Some experts say that we become more efficient in the things we do if we get-away-from-it-all for short periods of time, everyday.

Think about the last time you were at a bluegrass festival, maybe outdoors walking among hundreds of tall trees, swaying in the cool breeze, blowing gently through your being. During the quiet of the band stage break you are walking around enjoying the peace, when suddenly your cell phone starts ringing, and ringing, and ringing, assaulting your auditory senses.

Do you answer it? Can you not answer it? Can you let it go? Do you have a phone addiction? Do you compulsively pick it up? Or do you let it stop ringing (or even better, turn it off) and enjoy the sound of silence in the aftermath? You have the choice to just let it go for awhile. Remember the early CBA festivals when there were no cell phones in existence? Did you survive without it?

Perhaps you would like to try a small experiment of going without your cell phone for a short length of time. You say you can't make it without interacting with your cell phone all the time? Well, a chance awaits you to experiment on a small scale.

Today, Saturday, March 12th, is the Sonoma County Bluegrass & Folk Festival at Sebastopol, California, 390 Morris Street, from 1pm to 8pm. It's not only a chance to get out of the house and hear some good music, but also to try and make it without your cell phone for awhile. An hour? Two or three? More? How long can you go?

Posted:  3/12/2011

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