Author: Cornish, Rick

Hey, kids, let’s put on a show!

It was at a CBA directors meeting about three months ago that Mark Hogan shared a conversation he had with Carolyn Faubel. Mark, a huge supporter of old-time music, was excited about Carolyn’s idea to have an old-time day at the Fathers Day Festival in June. It’s part of the Association’s mission to support old-time, he said, and doing something special at Grass Valley could attract old-time fans to the FDF and, even better, maybe to CBA membership.

Carolyn’s idea was instantly embraced by all of the members of the board who were at the meeting. A no-brainer, somebody said. What’s to discuss, someone else chimed in, let’s do it. Then, from the stern voice of the controller, Lisa Burns, a jolt of reality. “Folks,” she began, (Lisa tends to begin sentences with ‘folks’ when she’s wearing her Controller’s hat), “folks, there’s only one problem. Our entertainment budget for Fathers Day 2011 is spent. As in no money left in that account. An old-time day at Grass Valley is a terrific idea, but where’s the money coming from?” She was right, of course; we’d set a firm budget amount for buying talent for FDF ’11, we’d stuck to it faithfully, and there was nothing left to pay for old-time bands, a dance caller, sound system, etc., etc. A pall fell over the group. There was no way we were going to overspend this year; we’d done it in 2010 with pretty awful results.

Then Marcos spoke up. “Heck,” he said, (yes, Marcos says ‘heck’ a lot), “how much could it cost? Five hundred? A thousand? I’ll volunteer to pull together a CBA calendar that we can sell at the festival. That’s sure to raise some of the money.” “And I’ll sell some of my wife’s art, like we did four years ago, to help cover the costs of an old-time day,” I said, always so generous with Lynn’s time.

So, that’s exactly what’s happening. Marcos started work on his very cool calendar…..July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012…..featuring, of course, all of the Association’s events that happen over the course of the year. After a little negotiating, Lynn began painting the portraits of Doyle, Dale Anne and others who’ll be at the festival, and I began churning out picture frames, dozens and dozens of them. And the framed art sales part of the fund-raising scheme began to morph. We’d sell prints of Lynn’s, mostly bluegrass but some of her other work so they’d be more affordable….thirty-five bucks for a signed, (limited print) numbered, matted and framed print. And we’d sell other framed prints….some photos from the CBA’s archive, a few Snap Jackson originals, art from past festival t-shirt designs, (Crop Circles, Mad Cow, etc.) and some classic Tom Tworek phots. And then Michael Sharps and Mike Melnyk stepped up and volunteered to sell their amazing work at Grass Valley to help out. All in all it’s become one of those Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, ‘Hey, kids, let’s put on a show….WE CAN DO THIS!’ experiences.

Already we’ve sold $495 worth of framed prints at the Great 48 and a couple other events. And Marcos has his calendar galley proof ready for the printer. Oh, and old-time day at the Fathers Day Festival has grown to old-time DAYS. Can’t fit it all into a single twenty-four hour period. It’s amazing what’s possible when people commit to a shared vision.

Check out some of the prints that are available by clicking here. The prints are 8 X 10 and matted in 11 X 14 mats. The frames, all made by me, are all constructed from salvaged wood I’ve scavenged over the years; pine, fir, oak, redwood, walnut, mahogany and cedar. Prints will be added to the web site as they’re completed. All are $35.

We’ll be selling prints at the Sonoma Festival, at the Spring Camp Out and, of course, at the Fathers Day Festival. We’re also selling prints now, via the U.S. Mail. If you’re interested in buying one, drop me a note at Shipping is an additional $6.70.
Posted:  3/1/2011

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