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You know you’re a bluegrass junkie when...

Today's guest columnist, David Lange
Saturday, July 28, 2007

(Editor’s Note—David’s writing appeared here once before…he’d started off writing a ‘Hooked on Bluegrass’ submission and it turned out to be a lot, lot more. David has now agreed to help out with the writing chores here at Rather than a Welcome columnist he’ll be our ‘reporter on special assignment’. How’s that for a sexy title. Thanks, David, for volunteering.)

Spent the last week camped at the ocean; Fort Bragg and Patrick’s Point. We usually venture to the coast a couple times a year to enjoy the paradise, escape the heat, and feed my wife’s addiction to the ocean and all it’s glory. Sitting around the campfire late one evening, I turned to my wife Fizzy and said “Not much picking going on tonight”. As usual, not knowing for sure if I was serious, she gave me the benefit of perhaps being stuck in a time warp of festivals past, and provided me a gentle tug back in to reality by replying… “This isn’t a festival dear”… “Even a banjo solo would be acceptable right now” I said. Oh well, put another log on the fire and forget about it. The next morning during breakfast, in the distance I heard someone struggling to squeeze out a tune on a guitar. Little did that person know how much they added to an otherwise unbearable quiet. Ok, it’s not THAT bad….our trips to the ocean do add balance to our recreational side of life…..I guess that having been only a month since one of the best Fathers Day Festivals ever………Can I get a witness!!??

Perhaps this recent experience of mine establishes me as a “bluegrass junkie”, and you regulars will say to your significant other “Look honey, he’s one of us!” On the other hand, if this is your first visit to the CBA web site, and first exposure to the bluegrass community….. Don’t do it! It’s not too late to turn back now!

While we have essentially moved past the 2007 Fathers Day Festival, and there have already been an abundance of kudos, I would like to extend my appreciation to all the folks that work behind the scenes to make it happen. Though I have volunteered on occasion to work during the festival, I know the hours I contribute pale to the sacrifice you make. Of course lets not forget us regular folks on the front lines that have the toughest assignment…all that jamming, relaxation, socializing…..I’m so wiped out when it’s all over with….
Posted:  7/28/2007

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