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Santa Clara Valley Fiddlers

Those who frequent the Message Board will recall that the SCVF suffered a blow over the Christmas holiday. Some jerk, and Iím showing great restraint in my word selection here, stole the associationís sound equipment. If youíve been to the Fiddlers in San Jose, you know that their open mic stage and solid sound reinforcement is key to the groupís decades long success. At its last meeting the CBA board voted to donate two hundred dollars to help with replacement costs. Beyond that, we thought it would be useful to share an update on the situation from Richard Brooks, SCVF President. Weíre including his entire monthly message here; sure canít hurt to know whatís up with our sister associations.

Presidentís Message
by Richard Brooks

The theft of much of our sound equipment just before Christmas marred the start of our new year. After speaking with the State Farm agent and the claims department, it is clear now that only about two thirds of the estimated $3,500 loss is covered by our insurance policy. Changes will be made to ensure we have better coverage.

Jim Dinkey and Maria Nadauld were both kind enough to help us out by making a donation. I am pleased that another has expressed the intention of doing the same. We can thank Dave Williams and Paul Clarke for filing the police report. Dave left the jam to visit some stores to buy a good replacement lock. Thatís true dedication.

We have great friends at the San Jose Mercury News. Lisa Fernandez interviewed me and wrote a very nice article (1/6/11) about the impact on our January jam. Sharon Noguchi, who wrote that fabulous article last November about our annual Youth Fiddle Contest, told Lisa about our loss.

Many folks were kind enough to email suggestions for new equipment or offer condolences. Others agreed to lend us or donate equipment. At the February and March jams, we plan to borrow equipment to test.

The impact on our time is at least as significant as our monetary loss. While we now have an opportunity to reassess our equipment needs and update our insurance policy, it is a major effort to itemize every item that was stolen, research and document the current market value, and submit all this to the claims department. Iím so grateful that Pete Showman is taking a lead role to help us out. Thatís more true dedication.

Annual Membership Meeting in February
February is when we hold our annual membership meeting. Every year members elect two trustees to three-year terms. Pete Showman has agreed to run again and Gorden Gibson will run for the first time.

Change in Membership Dues
Our membership dues have been $15 a year for at least a decade. At the March trustees meeting, the board will likely vote to increase the dues (amount is undecided). Renew now or wait to contribute a little more later.

Special Performance Groups
We want to continue our Special Performance series. If you or your group would like to put on a 30 minute concert, please let me know. While thereís no payment, the SCVFA will write an article in the Rag with bios. At least one performer must be an SCVFA member.
Helping at the Check-In Desk

Janet, Dinah, and Charlotte spend considerable time at the check-in desk near the door. It isnít fair for them to spend all afternoon indoors. Please volunteer to help them out so they can enjoy the jam and outdoors.

Other Events?
What other events would you like us to have? Would you like another band scramble? What else?

KidFiddle Workshops
The board approved KidFiddle workshops in March and later in the spring. Who do you suggest as teachers?
Email Delivery of the Fiddlerís Rag

We havenít forgotten about email delivery of the Rag. But we have to give consideration to: an opt-out or opt- in policy, file format, distribution as an attachment or a hyperlink, who will email it, the required database modifications, how membership cards will be distributed, and how membership expirations will be communicated. So it isnít as simple as some think.
Posted:  2/1/2011

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