Author: Lange, David

David’s (not Letterman) TOP TEN Reasons to Download the Bluegrass Breakdown
1) It’s a snap!!

I will share with you that when taking on this writing assignment, I had yet to download the California Bluegrass Association “Bluegrass Breakdown” myself. So yesterday, I took the plunge… From the homepage, I entered the site, and as instructed, sent an email requesting my username and password. Now I don’t want to over commit our CBA folks that are at the other end responding to these requests (I think they do sleep and eat on occasion….), but I received my user name and password the same day. Bingo! I was in, and with ease, accessed the most recent, and archived editions.

2) The CBA Bluegrass Breakdown is awesome!

The CBA Bluegrass Breakdown is the premier and most inclusive bluegrass publication in California. You can learn about festivals, band performances, and jams that are scheduled throughout the State. There are fantastic articles covering a wide array of subjects including CD reviews, tips for musicians, facts about bluegrass folks present and past, or just plain fun! Why you might even find a recipe you would like to try in JD’s Bluegrass Kitchen! Need an instrument, or need to get one fixed? Find a luthier in your area! The Breakdown is also a great way to learn how The CBA works, and what is going on with the organization. If you are into bluegrass…there is something in the Breakdown for YOU!

3) Always at your fingertips!

If you loose the hard copy of the Breakdown you receive in the mail….or someone chooses to use it to start the fire…before you were finished with it….no problem!

4) Incentive to become a member!

One of the great benefits of being a member of the CBA is access to the Breakdown. For relatively small annual dues, you get the Breakdown each and every month. For me, just getting the Breakdown is well worth the annual dues! Thinking about joining?! You can do so right here at the CBA website!

5) Easier to “Tell a friend!”

Whether we realize it or not, we all promote bluegrass and support the CBA, bands, and venues by simply telling someone about an event. My wife and I routinely get in conversations with neighbors, friends, or at work about bluegrass events, and are often asked if we have any information to share, e.g. how to get tickets, etc. Well, we don’t have a copy machine at home. One of my first observations with the Breakdown download is that I can print only the pages I want! So when I get asked for info about an event….Waalaaa!

6) On the Road…..

Many of us travel routinely. Whether on the job, or retired and seeing the country, we usually do not see our mail until we eventually return home. You won’t miss the latest Breakdown, hot off the press. You can access it on line!!

7) Impress your friends!

Ok, time for something a little bit slapstick…. Then again, who knows! You may actually benefit from this! Some of you are computer “wizards”. You know who you are, and please move on to #8. And for the rest of us … Well, we got this great, high tech, all the bells and whistles computer as a gift, or bought it ourselves, with high hopes…. And there it sits… you know how to get to your email…and to this web site (obviously)…but beyond generally stay away from the thing. Well my friend, here is an opportunity to shock your family and friends. Suddenly your computer terminology doubles….and when you casually say you “downloaded” a “PDF” file…..WoooHooo! You will make quite the impression (that is until the leak you fixed under the sink last week…starts leaking again…). Oh, you better know what a PDF file is… they may test you…In layman’s terms; it is a software that protects/seals the document so it cannot be edited by anyone. “Adobe READER” is the software you need to download the PDF files, which is normally included with every new computer now, and should engage automatically when you access a PDF file.

8) Archives!

One really cool feature about the Breakdown site is that archives of previous Breakdowns are stored there. At present, back to March 2007. So if you forgot to save an article or other information from a previous edition, or just missed an edition.

9) Welcome to the future…..

Needless to say that if you are on dial up, downloading one picture, never mind a magazine can take a lot of time and be very frustrating. I expect that someday, as more and more activity is conducted via the internet, high speed internet will become standard for every household. Until then, you likely have to ask for it, and it will likely cost you a little more. I was on dial up until about six months ago, when I finally took the plunge. Wow! What a difference. As they say…day and night. Not only can I download files and software updates in a snap, but someone can be on the phone at the same time I am on line (two different frequencies, same line). If your download time is excessive, you have considered getting high speed internet, and it is available where you are, you may want to consider taking the plunge!

10) Helping the CBA!

On-line access to the Breakdown is not intended to replace the hard copy mailed to CBA members each month. You get both! There have been some members that are satisfied with just the on-line version, and therefore have asked not to receive the hard copy in the mail. If after enlisting for the on-line Breakdown, you discover that you no longer require the hard copy in the mail, let the CBA know. Every hard copy not mailed cuts expenses and helps YOUR CBA!!
Posted:  8/7/2007

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