Author: Brandli, Darby

January President’s Message from Darby Brandli

Happy New Year 2011!

I predict this year will be a good one for the CBA and all you music lovers out there. I have a list of New Year’s resolutions for the Association and they all include you to ensure success.

1. Increase our membership to 3500 members this year and re- main the largest Bluegrass Association in the world. Sponsors and advertisers look at member- ship numbers when deciding to advertise with us or sponsor our events or donate to our pro- grams. Every single member counts so add your spouse to your membership, renew with us, invite or “gift” some new members. For all of your who advertise for free on our website or whose events we publicize in the Bluegrass Breakdown or who we invite to perform on our stages, please consider joining our Association. It is easy to join on-line or contact Carolyn Faubel at CBA Membership, P.O. Box 5037, Marysville, CA 95901-8501 or on- line at CBAmembership@syix. com. Memberships are $25 for a single membership, $30 for a couple and you may add children through age 15 for free or $5 each for teens 16 through 18 years old. Please consider “op ing out” of the paper Bluegrass Breakdown and instead sub- scribe on-line.

2. Expand the Youth Program. We have a new program called the Youth Program. This new designation (and one which accepts tax-deductible donations) includes all our existing programs for our Youth: Kids on Bluegrass, Darrell Johnston Kids Lending Library, Bluegrass in the Schools, Children’s Pro- gram FDF, Teen Program, etc. We hope to expand beyond the festival experience and produce more activities year round. Nate Schwartz is our new Teen Ambassador and he and his teams are brainstorming ideas to ex-pand our activities and increase our bluegrass fan base. We wel- come any and all ideas which can be sent to him or to me.

3. Finally get our On-Line Mercantile up and running. We have great mercantile which, up think we are almost ready to get this up and going and are very excited about it. Stay tuned.

4. Produce a CBA Calendar. Marcos Alvira (new Board member) is spearheading this new project for us. Perhaps the calendar will also be available on-line.

5. Find someone willing to run a new and expanding Children’s Activities Program at the Father’s Day Festival. Ann Juell has done a great job and will continue working with the youngest attendees. We hope to expand our reach to “mid-kids” and also build up the Teen Pro- gram. One of the ideas is for re- instituting the Instrument Petting Zoo. Please contact me at if you are interested in participating in this exciting endeavor.

This year we, and other organizations and events world-wide, are celebrating the centennial of Bill Monroe’s birth. Our fingers are crossed that this year a Bill Monroe postage stamp will be is- sued as well. We in California can be very proud of our contribution to the community of music fans. Make certain that the first weekend of January 2011 finds you either at the Great 48 Jam in Bakersfield or up in Portland at the River City Music Festival jamming in the CBA Suite. Wishing you the very best in 2011.
Posted:  1/13/2011

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