Author: Campbell, Bruce

An Exclusive Intervew with the Year 2010

As the end of December approached, I was lucky enough to corral a brief interview with the Year 2010. Looking every bit of 300+ days old, the bearded figure eased slowly into a seat opposite my desk and turned two rheumy red eyes towards me. I shuffled through my notes and got right to the task at hand.

Me: So, 2010, how would you rate yourself?

2010: Well, Bruce, in the overall scheme of things, any given year is pretty much like another. Some bad stuff happens, some good stuff happens. A lot of babies are born, and a lot of people come to the ends of their lives.

Me (probing deeper):Not much insight there, 2010. Surely you must have some thoughts about your year in particular. Tell me about them.

2010: In January, I was determined to be a better overall year than 2009. I think I accomplished that. I know you live in the United States – there was some “end of the tunnel” – if not “light at the end of the tunnel” --aspects to how I affected your economy. But as I said, things always balanced out. There are certainly some parts of the world, and some parts of the country who would disagree. Frankly, I’m tired and relieved that December is here. I can’t wait to hand the reins over to 2011 and say “have at it, sucker!”

Me: Whoa! I sense some bitterness here. Let’s narrow our focus a bit, to say, California –

2010: I see you’re wearing a SF Giants cap. I imagine I will live in your memory fondly, as years go.
Me: Yes – the Giants thing was massive – I still can’t believe it. But you also took some lives this year that were precious to me. It’s not all skittles and beer, y’know.

2010: Of course I know! And you can’t make this about you. You had mentioned narrowing the focus to California, not to you specifically.

Me: Fair enough. Well, politically, for California, it was a mess, but it’s not your fault that it was an election year…

2010: I should say not. I can STILL see those awful TV ads!

[We share a good laugh over that – it turns out that 2010 does a very funny Meg Whitman imitation]

Me: Let’s narrow our focus even further. How would you rate yourself vis-à-vis bluegrass in California?

2010 (snorts): you shouldn’t even ask! Let’s take your big event in – what is it, Lawn Valley?

Me: Grass Valley.

2010: Yeah. I seem to recall record attendance, great music, and weather that was cool at night and temperate during the day. Any complaints there? And what about the thing in Appletown?

Me: Huh? You mean Sebastopol?

2010: Yeah, Sebastopol. If I recall, it was rainy right up to the day of the event and lo! On festival day – gorgeous! And I’m gonna to give you and your little group – what is it? The Cali Bluegrass Club? - a little credit. Even before your launched your festival season in Sepast, uh, Sebasko, uh, Appletown, you had that great jam in Bakersfield. Your club really set the tone for me to follow.

Me: It’s not a club. It’s the California Bluegrass Association. But I thank you for the props - -

2010 (beckoning me to sit closer): I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Like I said, any given year is, in the big picture, pretty much like any other. I can’t take credit for being a good year, and I wouldn’t take the blame for being a bad year, either, no matter what happened. It’s you folks, who are around year after year, who determine what makes a good year. You can just decide to treasure the fun stuff (congratulations again on the Giants, son!), and let that define the year. The bad stuff – you just take it in stride. This way, every new year has great promise.

Me: You are pretty wise.

2010 (chuckling): And I’m not even one year old yet!

Posted:  12/29/2010

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