Author: Campbell, Bruce

Tiny Tim was Right

Happy holidays, everyone! I say this, not out of political correctness, but because this IS the holiday season – there are a bunch. There are the non-secular ones, of course – that’s where all the debate lies. Is it Christmas season, or Hanukah season or Kwanzaa season? Trying to zero in on your favorite is a zero sum game – follow your faith and embrace the holiday that means the most to you.

But the holiday season also encompasses two other glorious secular holidays: Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Together, they form a season that celebrates the bounty of the harvest, miracles and a yearly reset – it’s a natural grouping. It’s a time to feast with friends and families – if you have a feast. And if you have a feast, it’s a time to share your generously laden table with others.

It’s a time to give thanks for things we have, the things that matter: family, friends, health, and take a step back from our enormously busy lives to acknowledge the benefits we enjoy from those things. Good fortune, of course, is not distributed equally, so the season also gives us pause to make sure we make some provisions for those less fortunate. We have all seen how quickly fortunes can turn – you may give this year, but you may be the one needing help the next.

The concerns about the commercialization of Christmas have remained the same as long as I’ve been alive – they must go back even further. Bemoan it all you like – but I think most folks know what makes their faith’s holidays special, and like it or not, Christmas has been hijacked for well-intentioned secular needs. Who could argue with a notion that there needs to be a time of year when we want to focus on good things, recharge our kindness and goodwill towards each other?

We should all be nice, all the time, of course. And we all do our best, I think. But it’s also important to rally ourselves toward that end on a regular basis, and this time of year is perfect for that.

The caboose on the holiday train is New Year’s Day. Actually, the magic moment is that instant when one year ends and another begins. We’ve all the seen the imagery of the old year, characterized by a crooked, white bearded old man, giving way to a crawling baby with a “Happy New Year” banner around his diaper. Whether or not you commit to actual resolutions for the new year, I think most folks, (myself included), make some mental notes to try and do better this year than the last.

Of course, we bluegrassers are especially blessed. We have this common interest (that would be bluegrass), and the CBA, that provides access to the things we love to do (pick and sing, and argue about it), plus opportunities to do nice things all year long that some poor slobs only do during the holidays!

God bless us, every one! Happy holidays, everyone!

Posted:  12/22/2010

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