Author: Judd, Brooks

Ten Items or Less

1. Calling Captain Kirk, Scotty and Spock: Any idea where all the anti-matter has gone? From my San Francisco Chronicle:“Scientists claimed a break through recently in solving one of the biggest riddles of physics, successfully trapping the first “anti-atom” in a quest to understand what happened to all the anti-matter that has vanished since the Big Bang.”

I have spent countless hours pondering this same question, surfing the web and reading countless books on the subject. I was perplexed that none of the brightest minds on planet Earth could come up with a logical explanation to this question. After years of research, scientists have come up with a viable explanation to where have all the flowers gone, but finding and locating all this missing anti-matter was a whole other ball game. I hope by isolating the first “anti-atom” scientists can finally put this puzzling problem to a proper rest.

I’ve been told by a reliable source that these same analytical minds have been working 24/7 trying to come up with the answer to another scientific age old question, “Why is it when we put 12 socks in the washer we can only retrieve 7”?

2. Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are now inundated with the dreaded Christmas Shopping ads. This means stores will be opening as early as 3 A.M. on Friday morning (Black Friday) the day after Thanksgiving. I am a strong advocate of Capitalism but somewhere something went dreadfully wrong when so much of our economic health is based on what happens on Black Friday and the rest of the shopping season.

3. Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying up to Pasco, Washington to spend a week with my daughter, Rhiannon, son in law, Mark and grandson, William. When Rhiannon moved to Florida several years ago to work at Disney World, Sheila and I became quite the seasoned flyers. But now instead of the long eight plus hour trip and three time zone differences to Orlando, Sheila and I take the two hour flight to Seattle and then catch an Alaskan Airlines prop puddle jumper to make the 45 minute flight to Pasco. The tiny plane flies at a low altitude over the insanely gorgeous Cascades providing us with a panoramic view of sparkling ice blue tarns sprinkled throughout its snow laden mountain tops. It is a postcard waiting to be sent.

4. Last month a few CBA members were concerned by the aggressive take over of the CBA posting page by a coup of boisterous CBA sports nuts who held the posting page hostage until the end of the World Series. I was probably the biggest offender during this wonderful, crazy, hectic time, failing to mark my postings with the CBA Surgeon Generals warning,”Danger, No Bluegrass Content”

5. To any CBA members who may have been offended during this spree of posting violations during the Giants dramatic post season run ending in the World Series Championship, I issue an apology for myself and for any other sports cretins who may have abducted the posting page during this exciting time and failed to utilize the afore proper mentioned warning. The last thing any of us would want to do is disrupt the order and sanctity of the CBA posting page or create even a hint of hard feelings between us CBA bluegrass sports nuts and those who are not.

6. (Cont. from item #3) My son in law, Mark was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and has Rajun Cajun blood flowing in his veins. Like me, Mark has spent his entire life rooting for a team that has never made it to the big time. His beloved New Orleans Saints could never get it done. It got so bad a few years back that fans actually wore brown paper bags over their heads at the games and called themselves New Orleans “Aints” Fans. Mark went through all these ups and downs and never stopped believing, always waiting for next year.

Next year finally happened for the Saints and Mark. The Saints not only made it to the Super Bowl but won it in dramatic fashion. After the dynamic win I called Mark to congratulate him. After we chatted for a few moments Mark said, “Brooks, wouldn’t it be great if your Giants could actually make it to the World Series, and win it?” I remember smiling to myself and thought about the past 52 years of futility. I replied, “Mark, It won’t happen in my life time.”
Enjoy Christmas, and New Years, pray for those who run our country, try to help those in need, read a book, hug a child, pet a dog, and carpe diem!
Posted:  12/3/2010

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