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Darbyís December Presidentís Message

First things first: thank you to the membership for re-electing me to another term as Director of the California Bluegrass Association and thank you to the newly elected Board of Directors for nominating and electing me again as President and Rick Cornish as Chairman of the Board. Rick slowly and masterfully brought me into a leadership role in the CBA. He and I have partnered to lead the Board and the Membership for the last few years. Rick and I have different management and leadership styles, differing frames of reference, different ways of framing an argument or position and, either because of that or in spite of that, work extremely well together to further our shared vision for the CBA.

Rick loves the Great 48 Hour Jam in Bakersfield. If you ask him he will tell you itís his favorite event of the year. The CBA invests no money in producing the event and earns no income because of it so it is a worry free activity. There is no army of volunteers necessary to produce the Jam. The work is simply in getting the word out and inviting all our California friends. The Jam is held in the middle part of our very large state and offers an opportunity for our Southern California friends and members to get together with their Northern California cousins. Rick gets to schmooze and jam and eat Country Fried Steak at Buckís place, the Crystal Palace. There is no packing for camping because the Doubletree Hotel graciously rents rooms to the participants and offers jamming space to our group. Rick loves this event and talks about it all year. Reserve your hotel room now by clicking on the link on the website or by calling the phone number listed in this Breakdown.

We love the Great 48 too but will miss the January 6-9, 2011 event because we have been invited to have a CBA Jam Suite at the River City Music Festival in Portland, Oregon on the same weekend. We met Chuck and Christine Palmer at IBMA a few years back in the CBA Suite at IBMA. Chuck and Chris immediately fell in love with the music based community created in the CBA Suites and introduced themselves to us. When Chuck and Chris started producing their own hotel-based, winter festival they contacted us and have advertised in the Bluegrass Breakdown since then. Mark and Marty Varner have attended this event in the past and combine it with a visit to family in the area. This year Chuck suggested we run a Suite and introduce our West Coast Association to the attendees of this Northern West Coast event and add another exciting element to their fest.
I recruited my husband and two good CBA friends to help us with this first ever activity. Area VP Dave Gooding and Bay Area resident, Emil Nishi, attend many events with us including the World of Bluegrass in Nashville. We are pretty good roommates and are hardworking and very social. Dave, Nishi, Bruno and I are going to ship a bunch of CBA stuff to Portland and then fly up together and split the bill to open up a Suite reserved for us to run a festival event. Chuck and Chris have made us an offer we cannot possibly refuse. Many CBA friends are booked to play the festival and the lineup is awesome. Check out the website and think about joining usÖ.Rick wonít hold it against you.
Posted:  11/30/2010

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