Author: Faubel, Carolyn

And now we find out she's a song writer, too.


Iíve got a lead on a concert
The address of a jam
Iím taking J.D.ís cornbread stuffing
To the campout next weekend.

Oh I know whatís going on
With Del and Ralph and Seldom Scene,
ĎCause Iím holding my official
Bluegrass Breakdown magazine.

Oh Iím singing today because Iím proud to say
Iím a card-carrying member of the CBA.

Now festival time is coming,
Time to pack up the rig.
Get the ice chest and the chairs,
Bass, guitar and mandolin.

Look around, Dear, for the tickets
Should be there in the drawer
ĎCause I got Ďem last November
Early Birdie saved galore.


I didnít know there were so many
Other people just like me.
We play and sing until the morning
Sleep an hour, then repeat.

If you like what you hear
Let me tell you what to do.
Go to
And you can be a member too.
Posted:  11/27/2010

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