Author: Sargent, Geoff

FaLaLaLaLa Yall

Tis the season already.I do get annoyed, though, when Christmas music is piped into stores before Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations are up the week after Halloween. But all the same, tis the season and those wonderful sappy movies designed to bring a tear or put a lump in your throat are already being aired. My wife can provide sobbing witness to their effectiveness.

Tis the season to look forward to the New Year and the 48 hour jam hot on the heels of a newly minted 2011. For me though, the 48 is getting trumped this year by Mas 80th birthday party, deep in the hills of North Carolina on the exact same weekend. Oh yall can chide me for being a selfish son, but I missed the 48 last year too. Either Ma is going to have to move her birthday or someone is going to have to reschedule the 48. Somehow I think neither one will budge, at least for this January. Thankfully, she is as healthy as can be expected after raising 4 sons, and will likely drink too much sherry at her party, which will provide us endless amusement and cause us to publicly suffer embarrassing stories of our childhood and adolescence. Maybe I can travel with my dobro and slip out to experience a local jam. But then again, I wonder if my finger picks, steel, and capo will make it through airport security in my carryon or cause a security ruckus to earn me a pat down, or pat up, or maybe a game of twister with the TSA. Im really curious to see what would happen, but am I that demented?

Tis the season to plan for the Winter Music camp and SFBOT; they are approaching altogether too fast and will be on us before folks can catch up on lost sleep from the 48. Im looking forward to Winter camp, itll be my first Winter camp, and Im looking forward, once again, to the total immersion music camp experience.

Tis the season for Holiday jams and busted band practices from all the busy celebrations. This time of the year creates mixed feelings for me. I love playing with my band mates, and I love spending time with my family, but the two often fall into conflict between Thanksgiving and New Years. Ill muddle through and make the best of both, but I dont have high expectations for maintaining my bands weekly rehearsal schedule.

Tis the season to give thanks. Maybe Thanksgiving was once for celebrating the final harvest and preparing for winter, but that has changed over the years. Id like to think that it still celebrates a harvest of sortsa harvest of new friendships, a harvest of old friends that decided to stay with us another year, a harvest of festivals, camps, jams, and big ol harvest of music, so feast well folks.

Happy Thanksgiving yall, and remember to FaLaLaLaLa responsibly during the Holiday season.
Posted:  11/21/2010

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