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1. Fall Campout. I know this has been pretty well wrung out, but I’d like to make a couple of observations. We had a good time and appreciate the efforts of all who made it so. I spoke to quite a few folks who are not CBAers or BGers but are members of the marina who had seen us there before and came back especially to get another “dose”. While I didn’t hear any complaints about late-night jamming, maybe we’d rather have a place where bothering others is not a concern, a la Turlock or Colusa. Either way, I’m there.

2. Instrument Raffle. In case anybody’s interested at this late date, the number of tickets sold was:

793 – Guitar
231 – Banjo
383 – Mandolin
211 – Bass
130 – Fiddle

Thanks to all who participated. $7045 was raised to support our activities at IBMA. A special thanks to those who remembered to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope when ordering tickets by mail !

3. 48 Hour Jam. It’s not too early to make plans to join us in Bakersfield in January. Details are available elsewhere on this page. Ask anybody who’s been there, you’re bound to have a good time! Southern California has been under-represented at past 48s, so if you’ve got pickin’ buddies south of B’field, drop a dime on ‘em and invite ‘em to join us. As a famous man once said, we’ll treat you so many ways, you’re bound to like one of ‘em !

4. Message Board. Maybe now that baseball season’s over, we can have it back !
Posted:  11/6/2010

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