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Periodically I devote my Tuesday Welcome column to news and developments pertaining to and so I shall this morning.

And so they are for the time being. You’ll recall we had another nasty viral infestation last month and it took nearly three weeks to clean up the mess and another week to find and cement over the hole they were using to gain entry. There are no guarantees in life, and certainly none in the ever-changing technology of the Internet but that said, we’re pretty confident we’ll be virus free for a good time to come.

Traffic Back
The long-term ramifications of virus attacks have been, so far, ultimately inconsequential…thankfully. However, every time we experience an attack there is an inevitable short-term result and that is, of course, a serious drop in traffic at the site, and this latest event was no exception. On our worst day we dropped to less than 3,000 hits in one day. We’re happy to report that visitorship is now back to normal, running between 6,000 and 8,500 hits per day. Oh, and recently we started counting different, individually discrete visitors per week—we get between 2,500 to 3,500 of those.

A Few Welcome Column Changes
We’re switching things out a bit Welcome column-wise. Ted Lehmann, a well-known national bluegrass blogger, is moving to the third Tuesday of each month, (one less of my rants you’ll need to listen to), and Regina Bartlett, who’s done several guest columns, will take the third Friday slot. Oh, and Bert Daniel’s agree to do fifth Mondays. These changes will, in truth, help yours truly out since I’ve gotten fifth-everdays for some years now.

Welcome to Allison Pulley, Sponsorship Tile/Ad Manager
When we put feelers out for someone to help with web ads and sponsorships and with Bluegrass Breakdown ad sales Hillary Perkins suggested we speak with Allison Pulley. Well, Mark and I did just that and Allison, who has managed to make more connections in Northern California’s acoustic music scene than Hostess had Twinkies, has been signed up. She’s a go-getter, knows the biz and is a delight to work with.

A New Kind of Tile Sponsorship
And speaking of sponsorship tiles (you know, the little ads at the top of certain of our web pages….Message Board, Calendar, etc.), we’re about to add them to a new page and with a little twist. The location will be the “Welcome….continued” page and we’ll attempt to sell these sponsorships to CBA members. We’ve decided on this page (that is, the page you go to when you click on the “continue button” after reading the first couple paragraphs of the daily Welcome) because virtually everybody who visits reads the Welcome and will click to that page. That’s about 2,500 different people each week….pretty good exposure. But instead of making these sponsorship tiles available to venues, bands, recording/sound businesses or other music related vendors, we’d like to have CBA members who have their own business sign up for these sponsorships. We have 16 slots available and eighty bucks will get you a tile for an entire year. Example, say you own an electrical contracting company….or a hair styling salon (maybe between you and your spouse you own both) here’s a chance to let our bluegrass family hear about your enterprise AND do a little more to help the California Bluegrass Association. If you’re interested, send Allison Pulley a note at Allison Pulley

Help Wanted…..Again
Yes, I know, we’re always asking for help, but, hey, that’s how non-profit organizations work. What we’re interested this time around is someone who’s comfortable with Photoshop or some other graphics software and who has a good design eye. We’re not asking for a whole lot of time….maybe a couple hours a week….nor are we asking for help with super involved, complicated graphics. Click here to see an example of the kind of work we need done. And here’s the good news, if you take the job you’ll make twice the annual salary of our web master.

Baseball on the Message Board
Believe it or not, I’ve had a few complaints about all of the posting re: America’s favorite pastime. Here’s how I’ve responded: ‘As always, thanks for visiting the CBA web site and its Message Board. All I can tell you is that 1) I ain’t that crazy about baseball myself and 2) I’m told the world series only goes seven games…..maximum.’ But seriously, this has come up before and we’ve gotten people to agree to a simple protocol, which is, when you post something with no bluegrass content, you indicate thusly in the thread topic line and then visitors will have the option of opening or not opening the discussion.

And why, you ask yourself if you've actually read this far, would I actually care about this? Chances are you don't, but that's my Welcome and I'm sticking to it.
Posted:  11/2/2010

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