Author: Faubel, Carolyn


Why would I think that this time would be any different? What special reason did I have to believe that I would actually have the self-discipline and motivation to make this latest physical fitness plan last longer than 2 and Ĺ weeks, the average time span that I remained interested in the past? Did I have a secret ingredient? A magic bullet?

I am an optimistic person. Each time I have good intentions for some sort of project, I truly believe that this time it will work well, and I will stick with it. But I am also a realist. In the back of my mind I am laying odds and considering strategies for success.

My first strategy, my first SERIOUS strategy was to buy a treadmill. Not just an entry level machine, but a substantial critter that looked like it knew what it was doing just by crouching there. When I hopped up and turned it on, I felt like I was in the cockpit of an airplane, with all the lights flashing and running. I promptly did the first thing my family always did in situations like this: I named it. ďThe Lioness MachineĒ folds up when not in use, but it is still a looming presence in our living room. We have to walk around it, and I canít see the wall clock from my chair anymore when the deck is folded up. But the important thing is that I can see the TV when I am walking on it, and it has a plug for my iPod.

Indeed, after 2 Ĺ weeks, the first fun of a new toy had worn off. ButóIím still at it, more serious than ever. And thatís because I do have a magic bullet. I have a goal. In 2 weeks I will be in Colorado, wearing a backpack and standing at the trailhead of Pikeís Peak with my sister. Pikeís Peak is over 14,000 feet above sea level! The plan is to go up to Barr Camp, about half way up, spend the night, then hike back down. My sluggish, sea-level fitness would never get me there. And thereís no putting it offóthe date is set. So I am doing all that I can to perform well and have a good time.

Iíve been thinking about how having a goal this specific has kept me on track with my fitness plan. I like to take the things I learn, even obvious lessons like this, and try to apply them to other areas of my life. I thought right away of my fiddle. I love to practice it, but after a few sessions, other things move in and take the time away.

So I set a goal, a little goal to start with. My daughter Melinda is going to give me regular lessons. And Iím sure she wonít let me get away without practicing. If I slack, she will know! Iím a little nervous about some of the goals she may try to talk me into with the fiddle, but Iím also looking forward to the journey!
Posted:  9/25/2010

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