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Ten Items or Less: September-Isleton 2010

Item 1: Isleton: What a difference a year makes. Last year it was hot and humid and the turnout was a bit sparse during the evening jams. This year the weather is beautiful and a full house of supporters listened for three plus hours to music on Thursday and Friday night provided by CBA and non CBA members. It was great fun.

Item 2: I was sitting in cabin # 8 being “anti-social” as my good friend Rick says reading a book about the rise of LBJ (Lyndon Johnson) in 1941.I hear someone lumbering up the ramp to the door. I put my book down and look out the window. It’s Cliff Compton, poet laureate of the CBA. I hear a quiet knock on the door and a voice says, “Brooks, can I come in?” I rise from the huge sofa-sleeper bed walk to the door and escort Cliff in. We have a wonderful conversation for about 90 minutes or so. Cliff has an inner calm that is expressed in his thoughts, words and actions. It is easy to see why so many folks are proud to call Cliff a friend.

We talked about many things and since Cliff is a private person I won’t reveal all of them. But I got the OK to mention Cliff’s brief gig with the CIA, being a major-key member of an elite group in orchestrating the seeding of the clouds at Woodstock creating a massive thunderstorm (putting a damper on all those hippie long hairs), and being instrumental in starting the “Paul is Dead” rumor. Look for these and other fantastic tales in Cliff’s next book, “Confessions of a 4 Ply Man, My life inside the CIA.” From what Cliff has told me this has best seller written all over it.

Cliff also told me that he and Chef Mike are in the planning stages of creating a Greek/Aleut/Pakistani/themed restaurant at Black Rock Desert in Northern Nevada, site of the “Burning Man” festival. They plan to feed the hungry hordes of Burning Man followers as well as selling CBA paraphernalia to the denizens. Good luck to Cliff and Mike.

Item 3: After Cliff left I picked up my book again, located my spot and began to read. There was another knock on the door. I put my book down and heard a voice say, “Chicken tacos at Chef Mike’s next door.” I walked out of room #8 beginning to wonder if I would ever get past the second chapter of my book. One would think some sort of event or festival was going on. Being a born again loner from way back I can only scratch my head and follow the sensuous aroma of chicken tacos wafting from Chef Mikes abode.

Mike’s lovely lady friend, Anna, and his two dogs were on the porch and I could see Mike through the sliding screen door cooking up a storm. He invited me in with a wave of his hand and told me to sit down. He gently placed a plate of two mouth watering tacos in front of me and said, “Dig in.” I dug down into the tasty chicken tacos and my taste buds awoke with a start like they were zapped with a cattle prod. Then Chef Mike pointed to a program that was placed right next to my plate. I put down my taco, wiped my hands, and picked up the program .The cover read,”Giants-Yankees 1962 World Series Program: 50cents. My eyes widened as I carefully picked up the 48 year old program and began to gingerly leaf through it. What was more amazing was that either Chef Mike’s mother or father had kept score in the program. Yankees 6 -Giants 2. I began drooling with envy and Mike had to dab my chin with what remained of my chicken taco stained napkin.

Mike then pointed to a little orange plastic cone that was right next to the Giants program. It was an official SF Giants megaphone. Right in front of me was a program AND a megaphone from the 1962 World Series. I’d died and gone to Heaven.

Item 4: How to choose an emcee for Hobbs Festival:
At the last CBA board meeting Marcos stated that the Hobbs Festival needed one more emcee. Rick Cornish suggested they write down the names of the daily columnists, put the names in Snap Jackson’s hat, and draw one name. Rick insisted on writing down all the names himself. Marcos placed his hand inside the hat, and withdrew one of the pieces of paper. As the board members waited Marcos carefully unfolded the piece of paper and read, “Brooks Judd.” A hushed silence shrouded the room. In unison 13 boards members yelled out, WHO!” Noticing a demonic smile on Rick’s face Marcos opened up all the other scraps of paper. It appears my name was written on all of them as well.

Because my number “came up” I am allowed to put on a pair of long pants, make the two hour drive to the Hobbs Grove Festival, check in, grab some 3X5 cards, slowly walk up onto the stage and be an Emcee for a couple of hours on Friday. And who says anti-social people don’t get their due?

Item 5: Quiz Time: What famous American said this? “I have been unable to save much money in my life. I have been in politics, and in politics an honest man does not get rich.” Hint: Initials are SR and he WAS a Texan.

Until next time, smile, read a book, give thanks, and be nice to a child.

Posted:  9/3/2010

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