Author: Rhynes, J.D.

Fast cars and used cars

Here earlier this week, I was talkin' to my good friend Ronnie Reno who is in Nashville, and the subject of fast cars that we've owned in our lifetime came up. The fastest vehicle I have ever owned, and still do, is a 1956 half ton Ford pick up truck. Back in 1969 I put a 392 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi engine out of a 1958 Chrysler 300 D, in that truck and it would run an honest 150 MPH on the road. I told Ronnie that it would make those telephone poles next to the road look like a picket fence, you were goin so fast! We had a good laugh over that one, then he told me of his fastest car, and a LOT more. Back in the early '60's when Ronnie was still in high school, he owned a '63 Ford that had a 406 cubic inch engine with 3 carb's and a 4 speed transmission. He said that sucker would jerk the front wheels clean off'n the ground, and do at leat 60 in first gear. He said it as so fast, that the local cops couldn't catch him, and every time they caught him standing still, they would give him a good lecture about NOT driving so fast! He said he didn't really know HOW fast it would go because it would peg the needle on the speedometer clean out of sight! From there he progressed into some bluegrass music history kinda accidentally. I asked him how old he was when he started driving, and he said he was at least 13 er 14 when he would sneak one of his dad's cars off of his used car lot and take his buddies joyriding. WHAT, sez I! You mean that THE Don Reno, master banjo picker extradordinaire, owned a used car lot? That's right Ronnie said. Dad had a car lot in Roanoke, Virginia fer at least 6 er 7 years, and when I first realized what a dealers "Tag" was, I snatched one fer myself and after hours, a few of my buddies and I would sneak a car off of the lot and drive all over town. He said that they would run the car durn near out of gas, and take it back and get another one, and do the same thing all over. Ronnie said the sales men were always losing a sale because they would take a customer out on a demo drive and the car would start sputterin' and run out of gas, and there went another potential sale. He said this went on fer a couple of years until his dad got suspicious and waited in the office late one nite, and caught him red handed as he went to get the keys of a car to take his buddies joyriding again! Don said, I figgered you bunch of 'lil heathens were the ones doin this! Ronnie said he blew up a red Jeep 7 times before he got caught, and his two BEST friends were the mechanic and paint man Don Reno employed to keep his cars running and looking good. Ronnie said the paint man, Deany Walters was the one who pulled his butt out of the fire several times over the years when he was a young teen ager! WE had a good laugh at all of the good times we had as teen agers, and agreed that we probably lived in the greatest time a teen ager could be raised in. Imagine buying a car from Reno's Discount Motors. Kinda boggles the mind dont it?
Posted:  8/26/2010

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