Author: Campbell, Bruce

Summer is BACK, Baby
When I was a kid, summer was everything, of course. It was so simple: Summer meant no school, no getting up early, and playing all day. It doesn’t get any better than that. My mom says we all started whining about how bored we were by the middle of July, but that doesn’t register in my memory – only the freedom does.

Nobody warned me that summer ceased to be meaningful when you enter the workforce. I had a part-time job as a high schooler, and when I was a junior, they “let” me work fulltime during the summer. I wanted the money – I was driving and dating, and nothing costs like cars and women. (Another life lesson I wasn’t aware I was learning). So, summer went extinct with a whimper, not a bang.

It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I said “Hey! What happened to summer?” By then, it was too late. When I had kids, summer had SOME meaning again. It meant the family could plan vacations and the kids could go without missing school. We went on camping trips and occasional forays into exotic locales as much as we could afford to. I wanted my kids to see how people live in other cultures (like Hawaii? San Diego?).
But then my kids went to school district that had “year around” school. It was a great concept, really, for several reasons. One, the kids got three separate one month vacations which limited both the boredom factor and the academic amnesia that results from 3 months away from the books. But it DID kill the Meaning of Summer again.

Guess what? Summer is BACK, baby, and I can thank Bluegrass for that. In California, we can start doing outdoor festivals in mid-to-late April through early October, so that is one LONG summer festival season. I have watched eagerly as my calendar fills up with festivals and gigs, and I feel like a kid again! I’m looking forward to each road trip, setting up “camp” and hooking up with friends and pickin’ and grinnin’. And I have some gigs that are out of the area too, so I get to pretend I’m a rock star and live like a REAL professional – hours and hours of driving, bad food in odd places and questionable sleeping accommodations. I can’t wait!
Posted:  6/6/2007

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