Author: Cornish, Rick

Can’t even trust myself…

Good morning from Whiskey Creek. There’s a sense of relief here at the old homestead. For close to a month we’ve been dealing with a llama who just pretty much stopped eating. Lynn’s tried everything. Sarahfina has been on four different medications, we’ve had two vets out to see her, Lynn’s tried feeding her special treats, but nothing has worked. The poor dear has just kept getting thinner and thinner, and we’ve actually started discussing putting her down with the docs. Then, last morning, we tried something crazy that was suggested by the wife of one of the vets who’s seen the sick llama—we brought Sarah and her best pal, Chelsea, out of the pasture and into our backyard. Luscious lawns, succulent, tender bushes, delectable flowers of every color and taste. In short, a grazer’s paradise. And sure enough, Sarah ate for the first time in two weeks. It was a miracle. And she didn’t just nibble, she ate with ferocity. It was a sight to beholdœ. Are we out of the woods? Probably not, but we’re sure not talking about sending Sarahfina off to llama heaven any time soon.

The astute, regular readers of the daily Welcome might have noticed that yesterday’s column from Brooks Judd, Bluegrass Philosopher, came eight days early—his official day of the month is the first Friday. Being a conscientious Welcomer, Brooks got his piece to me a week ahead of time but I used it yesterday in a pinch. The pinch? Turns out yesterday was the FIFTH Thursday of the month, which means that it was my turn to write the column. The problem was, the email I sent to myself to remind me to write the Welcome was blocked by my spam protector. It seems the screening software has determined that I can’t be trusted to send email to myself. So now I’m wondering, if the emails I write to myself are junk, what else that I write is? Talk about self-doubt.

So here’s a little news.

Melinda Fauble, daughter of Carolyn, who serves as the CBA’s Membership Vice President and is also one of our daily columnists, was such a hit with her guest appearance, ‘What I learned in the CBA booth”, that we’ve signed her up for a monthly Welcomer. Can’t hurt to have a regular column from a member of the younger set. Expect to hear from Melinda on the third Saturday of each month.

You may have noticed that we’ve begun reminding folks that our California Showcase process has begun. We’re now accepting packets from bands that would like to be considered for one of the five Showcase slots at FDF 2011. Here’s what you need to know: California Showcase packets should include some written promo materials and a CD with music that well represents your band. The selection committee will listen to three cuts, so it’s wise to include an indication of which three songs you’d like previewed. Packets must be post-marked no later than September 30, 2010 and should be sent to: Larry Kuhn; 177 Stoney Hill Drive; Folsom, CA 95630. If you’d like to communicate with Larry he can be reached at or 916-983-2275. Click here if you’d like to read the written procedure the CBA uses for selecting talent at it’s annual Fathers Day Festival.

Breaking news on the Great Forty-Eight Hour Jam, 2011—Craig Wilson has successfully completed negotiations with the Doubletree Hotel down in Bakersfield (we got another excellent group rate) and within the next few days we’ll be posting a link to the web site where folks can begin to reserve rooms. Friends, if you attended last year’s 48 you know that the event is quickly becoming one of California’s preeminent bluegrass gatherings. Mark your calendar, tell a friend and reserve that room!

And speaking of events in the offing this winter, Ingrid Noyes has announced the dates for the CBA’s Winter Music Camp—February 24 through 27. The good news is that this year we’ve schedule the camp over a weekend that, we’re guessing, will enable more folks to fit it into their schedule. I attended camp last February and I can tell you it was an awe-inspiring experience. Mark your calendars!

We’re in the process of updating all of the sponsorship tiles on the Message Board, the Online Calendar page, the CA Bands page and the Photo Gallery. People are renewing their sponsorships and new folks are coming on board. As we’ve worked to do the updates, a thought occurred to us: why not make the tiles available to CBA members who run their own businesses? It’s a way to offer a little extra support to the Association and at the same time let other members of the bluegrass community know about your business. Expect to hear more about this new program in the coming weeks.

By now you’ve certainly heard about the Plymouth/Hobbs Mega Deal; buy a ticket to Bluegrassin’ in the Foothills and get one free for the Hobbs event which takes place one week later. Thanks to Tim Edes for dreaming up this innovative collaboration. Two consecutive weekends of bluegrass for one low price…what’s better than that? So hustle on over to L and S’s web site , grab your Plymouth tickets and your all set….

How’s this for some great bluegrass news? Three bluegrass acts with deep roots in the CBA’s Kids on Bluegrass program-- OMGG , the Anderson Family Band and the Tuttles Plus A.J. Riger—have all been invited to play at this year’s Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. This is quite an accomplishment and one for which everyone who’s supported the KOB program should be proud.

And finally, the past couple months you’ve seen a new feature on called Unsung Heroes. Thus far we’ve profiled about twenty CBA members who serve in various volunteer jobs, some at our Fathers Day Festival, some year round. If you’ve got a volunteer you’d like to see honored, please send your suggestion.

So that’s it. I’m not Brooks Judd. Never could fill his shoes. But, heh, today’s one of those weird ‘fifths of the month’.

(You know, as I’ve re-read what I just wrote I can’t help feeling like I sound like a used car salesman. Maybe I missed my calling.)

Posted:  7/30/2010

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