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Father’s Day 35th Bluegrass Festival 2010

Ten Items or Less:

Item 1: Ringo Starr* turned 70 last week. Yours truly wobbled into his 62nd year June 30th. I was 17 years old when I saw the Beatles at the Cow Palace in 1965. Now we’re both eligible for Social Security. Sheila, stoke the fire, fetch the prune juice and Geritol, warm up my oatmeal, grab my moth eaten sweater, please roll out my rocking chair, and don’t forget my large print version of Reader’s Digest.

Item 2: A special thanks to Jennifer Kitchen for all the excellent food and beverages she provided for the hospitality tent. Ms. Kitchen spent three days and nights baking dozens and dozens of cookies that satisfied band members devoured as quickly as they were displayed on the food table.

Item 3: My good friend, Alex Mayers, who I was to share duties with at the hospitality tent, was offered a “more lucrative” volunteer position, (polishing Rhonda Vincent’s high heels and removing lint from her wardrobe) right before we were to begin our 5 hour shift on Thursday. Alex thought about this possible switch for about two seconds and opted out for this much more appealing opportunity. In his place a young lady named Melissa took over to be my co-partner at the hospitality tent. Melissa is a fellow bass player, friendly and helped to brighten up the tent area with her smile and warmth. Other tent volunteers were Don and Judy, Dana and Bill and Bonny and Pat who kept the food, beverages and hospitality going. Great job everyone.

Item 4: Mr. James Ingram: A big thank you to James who was backstage a good 19 hours a day doing what he does best. Thanks Jim for all the help and displaying such a positive vibe.

Item 5: Michael Cleveland: Friday evening I was in Heaven and it was in the form of Michael Cleveland and his Band. I watched in awe from the side of the stage as he performed. When Michael performed Jerusalem Ridge with his mandolin partner it had the same effect when I watched Chubby Wise perform “How Great Thou Art” back in the rain and mist in 1995 at Grass Valley. When the set was over I raced to the steps of the stage so I could catch Michael and let him know how wonderful he and his band were. We shook hands and HE was the one that was grateful to be at Grass Valley with all the great fans. What a talent, what a person, what a show. I would like to extend a personal thank you to Michael for gracing the CBA stage with his talent, grace and humility. What an individual.

Item 6: Ed Alston: Ed was in camp right next to where I was camping. Ed is the fiscal brains behind the CBA and we had a chance to chat and discuss over Grape Nehi and Saltines the important things in life; Giants, Dodgers, and the Cubs. Ed is as sharp as a titanium tack and the CBA is lucky to have him.

Item 7: Sea horse racing: Mr. Alston is also quite the businessman. He is privy to an exciting sport that is catching on in his neck of the woods down south; Sea Horse Racing. Ed has been involved in the development of this new enterprise and has offered me shares at quite reasonable prices. If you are interested you can e-mail Ed. Our CBA Chairman of the Board is also quickly buying up shares, be it quietly, (as to not arouse suspicion) in Ed’s new business venture. For more information you can contact Mr. C. at his e-mail address.

Item 8: G2: I met a couple of the members of G2 backstage. Jimmie, the bass player, came backstage and chatted for a good two hours or more with Melissa and me. Jimmie speaks excellent English, (English is mandatory in Sweden for second graders) and he was a wealth of knowledge. G2 is on tour for four months, and all the members hold day jobs (yes, the Swedish government lets you take off from your job with out fear of being fired). We also met Tobias who happens to be a policeman when he isn’t performing with the group. He has a wry since of humor and was fun to talk with. It was a real treat talking to these young men. More on Jimmie and Tobias in next month’s column.

Item 9: Saturday night I met a picker with a mischievous smile, a gift of gab and a glint of naughtiness in his eyes. He was Mark Varner. After all these years I meet the man who has done so much for the CBA. I am relieved that I have finally met another CBA male who wears a diamond stud in his ear. (Mark’s ear lobe was drooping with all the gold and diamond studs it contained.)

Item 10: I am going to have meniscus surgery on my left knee in a couple of days. It will be nice to be able to walk again without all the pain and aggravation.
Thanks to all the volunteers, board members, and everyone who participated in putting on the Bluegrass Festival. It is such a huge task and cannot be done without every one lending a hand.

*Ringo is back on tour with his All Star Band. ()
Posted:  7/2/2010

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