Author: Evans, Bill

Making the Feeling Last Just A Bit LongerÖ

Itís been just about a week since the Fatherís Day Festival and by now I hope that most of you have unpacked your car, washed the clothes, cleaned out the coolers, and wiped the dust off of your instruments. If thatís the case, youíre better off than I am as I still have a sleeping bag, a tent and a chair or two in the back of my 4Runner. Iíve been procrastinating about putting these final few items back in the garage, and I finally figured out why: as long as those things remain in the back of my car, Iím not totally back home yet. Itís a physical manifestation of a continuing psychological state: Iím still up at Grass Valley in a bluegrass state of mind. And Iím trying to make that feeling last as long as possible.

How to make that feeling last even longer? How about if we start by simply doing just what we did for an entire week for the rest of the year: learning more and teaching others on our instruments, reveling in each otherís music making, celebrating the diverse sounds of todayís bluegrass from traditional to progressive, and encouraging young people to play the music they way they hear it. And last but not least, letís continue to provide a stage for both the best professional bluegrass that California has to offer and also strive to present new California-based talent that thinks outside of the box.

A million thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make both this yearís 10th Annual Music Camp and the 35th Annual Festival such a success, from the board of directors to every volunteer who gave their time and energy to make it all run like clockwork. Itís great to be a part of the California Bluegrass Community and to be part of and witness last weekís truly amazing events.

Iím keeping that tent in the car for a while longer.
Posted:  6/24/2010

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