Author: Campbell, Bruce

The Annual Column That No One Will Read

Well, itís that very Special Week again. Fatherís Day week Ė when I am the only guy left in the swanky offices of the California Bluegrass Association for the entire week.

In the past four or so years since Iíve taken on the role of caretaker for the CBA headquarters during this ďoff weekĒ, my lot has improved somewhat. Since Iíve been on the Board for over three years, I now have my own cubicle. In another two years, Iíll get a chair and a phone, so thatíll be great.

If this sounds harsh, trust me, it isnít. So many people (most in fact) on the Board have contributed so many years of services, I know Iíll always be a rookie, compared to them. But this week, I donít have to focus on the amenities I havenít yet earned. I get to run wild , exploring the dignified walnut-paneled offices of the hoi-polloi.

In the past, I snickered as I surreptitiously found Rick Cornishís collection of tie-dyed tank tops, JD Rhynesí collection of Archies albums, Montie Elstonís Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure display and Darby Brandliís indoor ermine farm. But no longer Ė because now I have my own cubicle, and someday, one of the more junior Board members will be doing this duty, and exposing MY secrets. And whoíll be laughing then?

So let us not judge, my friends; letís not cast stones whilst crouching in our own glass abodes. For we are all one big happy family here, and itís our idiosyncrasies that adds spice to the time we spend together! In another couple of days, I will padlock these offices, set the anti-theft laser death ray alarm, and join those lucky souls up in Grass Vall
Posted:  6/17/2010

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