Author: Karsemeyer, John

Get Lost!

There is a forest. A good forest. In fact, a magic forest. It is not far from you, no matter where you are. Not far as the crow does fly, as the Winnebago does sigh.

Minds go to this forest before bodies actually arrive. Minds that dominate the bodies, arriving months, weeks, days, and hours ahead.

This is a place where you can get lost. Get lost from the everyday pedestrian, mundane, sidewalk kind of life that has you in its clutches most of the time. You can get lost, but it is a good lost.

You can get lost, but you will not be alone. You will be with hundreds, sometimes thousands of others who also choose to get lost. No doubt about it, it is a choice. A good choice.

Amidst the multitudes in this human walk (not race) in this forest you can find your personal avatar, and be transformed. Go into this forest and you will become a different person, at least for awhile. You will be reborn as a combination of matter and music.

What was once the shape of your organic computer (brain) will now take the form of a guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, dobro, or bass. You brain will still function well, but its only purpose will be to focus on the music that is born in this forest.

The music that is the legacy of grandparents, parents, relatives, friends, and strangers. A kind of music that will show you the way, or a new way.

Music made from wood, wire, and the human touch. Music escaping from instrument bodies that are created from wood, vocal cords from wire, and voices from the almost sacrosanct ritual of the laying-on-of-hands.

You can lose yourself in this musical universe for up to four days. You can disappear from the everyday world as you know it. Leave behind your everyday worries and stressors, and become totally absorbed by the magic of acoustic music and song. Not just any music and song, but bluegrass music and song.

Music and song that promise to serve as good companions along your journey. Companions that will not let you down.

Lose yourself by listening to some of the best bluegrass bands in the world. Lose yourself by attending as many jams as you can. Lose yourself by discovering your inner-child spiritually merging with “Kids On Bluegrass.” Lose yourself by walking along “main street,” while your senses are bombarded by the sights, sounds, and smells of the vendors. Lose yourself by strolling through these woods at night, among the ghosts of the Empire miners that drift through the trees to greet the moon. Lose yourself by discovering something or someone you never knew existed before, until you came here.

Get lost in Grass Valley. Get lost in the forest that becomes the California Bluegrass Association’s 35th Annual Father’s Day Bluegrass Festival on June 17 – 20, 2010.

So get lost. You’ll be glad that you did!
Posted:  6/12/2010

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