Author: Zuniga, Henry

The Things We Do For Love

Love is the strongest emotion known to man. Itís what defines us and generally directs our life paths. From the moment we leave the womb, and possibly before that, we are bonded with our mothers by this powerful feeling. This a good thing, since a mother is endowed with most of the instinctual traits that are needed to raise a child. Iím pretty sure that Eve didnít have a doctor, or even a mid-wife to help her learn about child care and Iím certain that Adam was clueless! Guarding and caring for her babies is something a mother does for love. This love is usually an eternal one but as a child grows, it begins to have emotions of its own. Puppy love, high school crushes, and the big one; true love, supplant maternal love as we become individuals and find new loves of our own. The desire to be with someone whom we love often takes us down new paths. We will move to the other end of the world for love. Weíll quit jobs, school, and even forego dreams for it. Thereís nothing new about this. Itís, as they say, ďwhat makes the world go Ďround.Ē

Iíll bet youíre wondering where Iím going with this. Well, the fact is that Iíve found a new love that is motivating me, nay, driving me to make another life changing action. I canít resist its strength and my nights are filled with restless dreams about it. In my mind Iím already there and delirious with happiness and joy. The best thing about my new obsession is that it wonít hurt my one true love or the other loves in my life. Bluegrass is the love that Iím referring to. I love it so much that Iím ready to move back to the valley. Nancy and I want to be closer to our bluegrass family and the many shows, jams, festivals and other activities that are available.

We have decided to put our home on the market and look for a home in or close to Lodi, CA. I chose Lodi for many reasons but the biggest is its centrality. It still has a small town feel. Itís close to a couple of big cities, the Bay Area, GV, and Plymouth. There are over 40 wineries in the immediate area and they always hire musicians for wine tasting events. I see this as a great way to expose more people to bluegrass! So you see, LOVE has done it again! I am making what will probably be the last move of my life to a sleepy little town because it will enhance my bluegrass dreams. I can hardly wait.
Iíve told you this because Iíll be taking a break from writing a monthly column. I have to do some painting and major yard work, (five mountain acres worth) while continuing to work full time and squeeze in as much bluegrass as possible. Itís a daunting task but the payoff is worth the effort.

I thank everyone for the kind comments youíve made about my columns. I leave the ďDaily MessageĒ in very capable hands and remember, ďIíll be back,Ē Iíve done it before.
Big Hank
Posted:  5/22/2010

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