Author: Cornish, Rick

Welcome Three New Board Members

Well, we had quite a Spring Campout this year, and a remarkable CBA board meeting to top it off. At the end of the meeting, J.D. Rhynes announced that he was stepping down from his seat on the board. After nineteen and a half years of dedicated service our friend and colleague has decided to retire from our leadership team. Naturally our first order of business folllwing the announcement was to appoint J.D. as Board Member Emeritus, thus ensuring that we’ll continue to benefit from his good counsel and years of experience. Although not a voting member of the board, he’ll remain connected to the decision-making process, he’ll continue his responsibilities as FDF Backstage Manager and, without question, he’ll maintain his status as our best known CBA member.

So, with a vacancy and half a term left to go, the board was faced with a question: do we, as our by-laws allow, fill the slot with an appointment or do we leave it open until the next election in October? After a good bit of discussion, the decision was made unanimously to make an appointment; there’s just too much work ahead in the next six months to carry on with less than a full compliment of members.

The next step, then, was to select a replacement for our esteemed retiring board member. The names of three candidates emerged, all three having expressed interest in serving on the board: Brenda Hough, long-time member of the Association, a regular contributor to the Bluegrass Breakdown and a person with extensive leadership experience in the non-profit world; Marcos Alvira, a relative new-commer to the CBA but someone who’s dove in with both feet, having taken on the Co-Director’s job for the Hobbs Grove Festival; and Mark Hogan, a veteran CBA’er who has served on the board of directors in the past, who is the Sonoma Festival Director, who initiated and heads up our new Golden Old Time Campout and who has volunteered for just about every job imaginable in his thirty-five years as a member. As one person put it Sunday morning, we were faced with an “embarrassment of riches”.

It was about thirty minutes into what was becoming a lively discussion when our fearless leader, Board Chairman Emeritus Carl Pagter, made one of his famous “out-of-the-box” suggestions. Why not, he opined, exercise the board’s perogative and increase the number of seats on the board of directors to thirteen? We’ve desparately needed some new blood on the board; surely there’s more than enough work to go around; and getting new representation from the mid-central Valley (Marcos in Merced) and the North Bay (Mark in Sebastopol) could only strenthen the board. So Carl’s suggestion was packaged into a motion which was approved unanimously and we got three new board members for the price of one.

Please join us in welcoming Brenda Hough, Marcos Alvira and Mark Hogan to the CBA’s board of directors. Each will serve out the remaining six month term and then, presumably, run in the October election. And speaking of the coming election, this year more than ever we need to give our members some real choice when they fill out their ballot. If you’ve thought about running for the board of directors, 2010 is the year to do it!

Posted:  4/20/2010

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