Author: Rhynes, J.D.

God does indeed move in mysterious ways!

Last Sunday after the regular meeting of the CBA Board of Directors, we went into a closed session for some important festival business. After we took care of that, I announced that as of that day, I was stepping down from my seat on the board of directors. I felt that this was the right thing to do at this time, as my health is trying to tell me that I cant set through a meeting of anywhere from 5 to 8 hours, without suffering consequences fer several days following. It was a year ago this month that I was diagnosed as having Parkinson's, and that on top of my ol wore out back, makes driving any distance a real hard chore on the ol body. BUT, I aint giving up! I didn't know that resigning my seat on the board was gonna be that hard emotionally on me. I had a real flowery speech all ready fer my fellow directors, but, when it came time to tell it, it all went right out the window. I really dont remember jes what I said, after the initial statement of resigning, but I do remember the wonderful standing applause they gave me, after appointing me as, Director Emeritus. A first for my beloved CBA. For that I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I felt that after 19 1/2 years as a Director of the CBA, it was time fer me to step aside and let a fresh, YOUNGER body and mind, dive in and see jes what NEW ideas, develop into new miracles fer us all!

When I was at Jack Sadlers pickin' party that hot summer night, way back in 1973, and we were setting on the steps around 2:00 AM discussing jes how we could put an association together so we could have a place to get together with our friends and pick all week end. Litttle did Jack, Carl, Jake, and the rest of us at that time in past hisory realize just WHAT we were gonna create! The collective "Idea" we all put together that nite in bluegrass history, was a really NEW IDEA back then. It was so new, we didn't know we couldn't do it, so we went ahead and formed a NEW association for all of us to enjoy the music we love. That's the kind of Idea's I look forward to seeing out of our present, and future directors. This past 19 1/2 years have been a labor of love for me, and one of the most gratifying periods of my 72 years here on this earth. I am proud of being able to establish our Heritage Fund for future needs of the CBA. I will remain as the Backstage Manager for our fesitival, a job that is near and dear to my heart. Also, I will keep on writing my "Bluegrass Kitchen" fer the Breakdown as long as my brain will let me. SO, I aint really that "gone", jes kinda taking a backseat and a "siesta" whenever I feel like it!

I thank all of you wonderful members of the greatest Bluegrass Association in the world fer all of the support and love you have shown me, lo these many years. I am moved to remember what the Book of Ecclesiastes in The Bible, has to say about times like this; Nothing is better for them than to rejoice, and do good in their lives. Ecclesiastes 3:12

SO folks, let us go forward from this day and rejoice! We now have three new directors to dive in and create fer us all! Thank you all fer a great ride! GOD bless you all, and remember GOD does really move in mysterious ways! Yer friend J.D.Rhynes

Posted:  4/22/2010

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