Author: Cornish, Rick

I’ve done my very best over the past several months to resist the temptation of using this column to inspire. Sure, I’ve asked you to volunteer, to attend events, to support bands, even to evangelize in the name of bluegrass. But I’ve drawn the line at trying to make a better person of you. It’s just none of my business….and besides, people are who they are. Some of us are as good as we’re going to get and that’s that.

That said, a few days ago my wife sent me on a llama and goat feed run to Hurst Ranch and, while waiting in line at the counter, I happened to read a slogan on the back of a big sack of Iamms Lamb and Rice for Mature Dogs. It read, “Try to be the kind person your dog thinks you are.” Whooo… was like a thunderbolt right to the brain—a direct hit. I should try my best to live the life of the super hero Alex and Sid the Dog, with their tiny little doggie brains, believe I really am. What a tremendously powerful concept for living, and there it was printed on the back of a big bag of dog food. What’s more, the concept fits right into a theory I’ve long held which is that, if there were half as many people and twice as many dogs on this planet we’d have seven-eights fewer problems. Why? Because dogs are hard-wired to love us and to give us the benefit of the doubt. Sure, they may come on with a grrrrrrr and raised hair on their back, but that’s really just for show. Basically, our canine friends believe we’re absolutely terrific unless we show them otherwise….and even then it takes an awfully lot to change their mind. Dogs love unconditionally, which is something we humans don’t do much of.

So, Thursday morning, about noon, I started my new regime and already those around me can see the difference. I’m standing a little taller, behaving a little better, making wiser decisions and treating people and dogs a little kinder. And when in doubt, I just ask myself, what would Alex and Sid say? Doggieconsciousness. What a concept.
Posted:  11/2/2003

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