Author: Cornish, Rick

No dogs at FDF 2010

Last week in my Tuesday morning Welcome column I summarized our January board of directors meeting. In the paragraph on current rent negotiations with the Nevada County Fairgrounds board, I made the following statement…..

Additionally, the fairgrounds people will, under no circumstances, allow the CBA to conduct a pilot pet program. You’ll recall that, contingent on fairgrounds approval, the board committed to trying a dogs-only camp area at the 2010 Father Day Festival. Well, that approval was not granted and hence we’ll see no movement in the no-dogs policy in the near future.

I thought it important to restate this news here on the CBA website, and we’ll also include this information in the next edition of the Bluegrass Breakdown. Last year we promised our membership that we’d make an effort to try, on a trial basis, a ‘dogs only’ camp area at the 2010 Fathers Day Festival. The board’s interest in piloting such a program stemmed from its awareness that some folks are unable to attend the annual Grass Valley event because they travel year-round with their dogs and, come June, they have nowhere to leave them. Hence, in an effort to bring this relatively small disenfranchised group into the fold, we identified an area at the fairgrounds where we might pilot a dogs-only camp area and we were given some encouragement from the fairgrounds administration that the pilot might be allowed. However, during our recent difficult rental negotiations, this proved not to be the case. The fairgrounds board and administration has expressly prohibited the pilot and has, in fact, curtailed a number of other grounds uses that the Association has enjoyed for many years. We do not demonize the fairgrounds people for this shift in policy; they, like other public agencies and, indeed, like the California Bluegrass Association, are struggling through tough times, and in negotiations, this can translate into hardening of both economic and non-economic positions.

If you knew how many letters and emails and calls we begin to receive in early spring each year about the no-dogs-allowed FDF policy, you’d know how much I dreaded bringing this issue up again. But the fact is, we know members have been waiting to hear about the possible pilot, and it’s clearly better for everyone involved to get the news out sooner than later.

Posted:  1/26/2010

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